Tasty Cauliflower Cheese Lasagne

This is such a fantastic invention, I’m surprised I haven’t thought about it before.  As most gardeners know vegetables are very like buses in that you don’t see anything for ages and then, all of a sudden, several come along all at once.  And that’s what it has been like with Cauliflowers recently for me.Continue reading “Tasty Cauliflower Cheese Lasagne”

Simple Creamy Mushroom Biryani

If yours is a mad house in the evenings like mine, you need food that is easy to prepare, tasty and fully flexible – suitable for reheating when someone comes in late or you all come home at different times. This Biryana ticks all the boxes… make it ahead, the time it rests allows theContinue reading “Simple Creamy Mushroom Biryani”

‘Tis the Season… to make marmalade!

We’ve had the season to be jolly – now we have the season to make marmalade… If you’ve never done jamming/preserving before but fancy giving it a try, marmalade is the easiest , most satisfying of jams. I’m always amazed at how many jars of the stuff you get for so few oranges. The secretContinue reading “‘Tis the Season… to make marmalade!”


Perpetual spinach is so simple to grow and rewards you with a long season (or even 3) of fresh, home grown leaves… Far cheaper and more nutritious than its supermarket cousin, the only drawback being the faff of washing and de-stalking. I overcome this by having a weekly harvest and wash session – then keepContinue reading “SIMPLE SPINACH SOUP”