Do you know about the theraputic benefits of massage?

“I’m going for a massage”, you say to friends and the reply is inevitably “Oh, how lucky you are!”  I ask myself why the reply isn’t, “What’s the problem then?”  We see massage as a treat or luxury, when it should be an essential part of our lives. Massage is one of the oldest of therapies,Continue reading “Do you know about the theraputic benefits of massage?”

Stretch, relax… and purrrrr like a kitten

In the Stretch and Relax class (Tuesdays Preston 8 – 9) our class will have a focus on ‘Aspects of the Cat’ from stretching like a tabby after a nap to roaring like a lion (some snoring like a little kitten is included too)!  This session is designed to stretch out the body in calming and detoxifying ways in order toContinue reading “Stretch, relax… and purrrrr like a kitten”

Feeling A Bit Stressy???

I’ll be running a workshop on Saturday October 5th – “Yoga for Stress Management”. This will take the form of a 2 hour session with yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques plus a short talk on how and why we are effected by stress.  Yoga is great to use as a tool to combat the stresses of modernContinue reading “Feeling A Bit Stressy???”