Is your posture getting on your nerves?

To begin our work on Restorative yoga we are looking at alignment – building our stance from the feet up. This week we saw how posture effects the alignment of the spine and how this can have a knock-on effect on the nervous system. As the nerves travel through the spine – down the central cavity and inContinue reading “Is your posture getting on your nerves?”

Why practice yoga?

People are drawn to yoga for many reasons; sometimes it’s because they have a physical issue – joints getting a bit creaky or neck rather tense and sometimes it’s for the mind calming side that helps to reduce stress and can lead to a really great nights’ sleep. In my own personal practice, I likeContinue reading “Why practice yoga?”

Introduction to Yoga

My beginners class in Ryhall will start from the very beginning this September. Each week we will develop physical and relaxing exercises to shed light on the benefits of yoga and why it has been practiced by so many people over so long a period. Covering the basic postures with plenty of personal guidance andContinue reading “Introduction to Yoga”

New Class for September – Stretch & Relax Tuesdays 8 – 9pm

Stretch & Relax is for all those stressed out folks running a busy family or business that simply can’t get away for a 6 o’clock start.  This class is especially designed for you – no we won’t be bothering with toning, work or energetic moves – just some simple stretching to ease out those tenseContinue reading “New Class for September – Stretch & Relax Tuesdays 8 – 9pm”

Take a fresh approach…

Each time you unroll your mat, adopt the attitude of a beginner.  Treat each exercise as a brand new experience.  This helps us to shed anxieties about ‘being good’ at posture work.  It doesn’t matter if you have been practising yoga for 10 weeks or 10 years, each asana has many layers – some extremelyContinue reading “Take a fresh approach…”

Master Class with Ann Rodgers

On Wednesday 17th July (the last class of term) Ann Rodgers will be returning to Ryhall Village Hall to take the 7.15 – 8.45 class. Ann has been a yoga teacher for many years and is a fountain of knowledge and experience.  She retired from her weekly classes in June last year, but has continued to teach privatelyContinue reading “Master Class with Ann Rodgers”

Chill Out with the Cooling Breath

Yoga breathing practices aren’t just for relaxation and helping us to feel calm… You can literally alter the temperature of your body so that you feel a little more chilled – try it for yourself – it’s easy and may help you to keep your cool in this heat! If you are able curl up theContinue reading “Chill Out with the Cooling Breath”

Balance and Flow

Try this flowing balance sequence to bring about a state of quite, stillness in the mind. Get your balance on 2 feet first.  Sense that the crown of the head is lifting toward the ceiling, shoulders relaxed and hips neutral. Lift up one foot and press the heel into the inner calf or thigh – avoidingContinue reading “Balance and Flow”

Cat Stretch Pose

Majari-asana, the cat stretch pose, is great for freeing the spine and the breath… Begin on all fours – creating a lovely box – with the hands spread directly underneath the shoulders and the knees apart underneath the hips. Breath deep into the abdomen allowing the tummy to expand and then pull it in whenContinue reading “Cat Stretch Pose”

Yoga In Education

Research On Yoga in Education are running a Taster Day – 6th July 2013. 9.30 – 4.30 at a venue in London 10 mins from Clapham South tube. Please email to book a place.  Designed for school teachers, support staff, parents and therapists.  No experience of yoga is necessary. Just like adults, children can gainContinue reading “Yoga In Education”