Half Term Homework…

Over half term, why not practice this hip – opening posture?   Take 5 breaths – elongating the spine on the inhale and then relaxing the thigh muscles and abdomen on the exhale.   Variations on a Theme…  Place the hands behind you and lift up the heart space for 5 breaths Come to centreContinue reading “Half Term Homework…”

Yoga Workshop Poll

Let me know the kind of workshops you are interested in for next year…  Simply vote in this poll and I’ll work up a schedule and circulate it.  Thank you very much for your time – and if you have any suggestions, simply email me!

Your Bank Holiday Bonus…

Are you around over the Bank Holiday? If so, and you’re an existing student, why not join us for a FREE 90 minute yoga class, Monday morning, 10 – 11.30, at the Inspire2tri Studio in Manton? Places are limited – so please just email me here to book in. Look forward to seeing you – well it makes aContinue reading “Your Bank Holiday Bonus…”

How do I breathe?

If you can’t make it to the first week back, you may like to have a go at the following inquiry… Quite a bit of our work this term will be influenced by Donna Farhi’s “The Breathing Book”.  This exercise is adapted from the book. You will need a scrap of paper to write down the questionsContinue reading “How do I breathe?”

Improve Your Breathing Capacity

Hasta Utthanasana (hand raising pose) Begin this exercise standing in the correct alignment.  Feet under knees, knees under the hips.  Hips in neutral, shoulders feel relaxed and the head balanced. Place the hands right on top of left in front of the body as in the first diagram. As you inhale, raise the hands up in frontContinue reading “Improve Your Breathing Capacity”

Cactus Pose – To improve Posture and Strengthen the Back

  This pose is an easy way to strengthen your back – you can do it standing in a wide leg stance as I’m doing or Tadasana (two leg standing).  If you need a break from your work at a computer keyboard, try it at your desk when seated! A minute or two everyday shouldContinue reading “Cactus Pose – To improve Posture and Strengthen the Back”

When the going gets tough, the tough team up

Without a doubt the easiest part of keeping fit is the decision to do it.  Beyond that some begin enthusiastically, some mean to but never get round to it and others find a friend to help motivate them. Teamwork strengthens resolve and builds momentum by pooling struggles and raising spirits when it feels as ifContinue reading “When the going gets tough, the tough team up”

Ouch! Low Back Pain? Yoga Can Help You

  In a recent trail led by the University of York and funded by Arthritis Research UK of over 300 people, those offered a 12 week yoga course experienced a 30% greater improvement in back function than those offered GP care alone. Back pain affects 80% of adults in their lifetime.  It’s the top reasonContinue reading “Ouch! Low Back Pain? Yoga Can Help You”