Book Classes in Exton

Gentle Yoga – Mondays 10.30 -12.00 – Exton Village Hall

This is an ideal class for beginner students or those with some restrictions or injuries.

We will take the same class as Yoga for Vitality but at a slower pace with time for explanation of why and how we do the exercises and can use modifications wherever we need to. The emphasis in this class is on building a safe practice for where the student is now – this provides a foundation for remedial work to strengthen and tone areas of the body where there may be problems. Or it may be suitable for an able student with no prior knowledge of yoga who can then take time to understand the concept that mind and body have to work together for good health. This is especially beneficial to people leading stressful lives or with high profile jobs.

Breathing practice is worked on, developing capacity of breath and core strength. A guided relaxation completes the class.

Home practice is encouraged as ‘little and often’ is the key to keeping the body and mind healthy.

This class is fully booked at the moment – please email me here to go onto the waiting list.

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