Deborah King

Yoga Teacher Deborah King demonstrates Cactus pose

Welcome! I’m Deborah King (most people call me Deb) and I teach yoga around the Rutland & Stamford area in the UK.

I’ve enjoyed practicing yoga for about 20 years because I find it’s an easy way to keep my body fit and mind calm. As it’s helped me so much, I decided to become a teacher to share the methods. Besides the huge benefits from the posture exercises, I have actually learnt how to sit still!

My top 5 reasons to do yoga!

1 Better Breathing – I was slightly asthmatic and sounded rather like Darth Vader when I first started

2 Better Posture – standing and sitting much straighter and taller; no slouching here and no ‘bingo wings’ either

3 More focused – I take each thing in my life in turn now, not all in one great mixed up jumble

4 Less fat around my middle and thighs

5 Brighter and clearer complexion and less wrinkles

6 (bit of a bonus) Warm feet!

If you would like any further information, help or advice – please CONTACT ME – don’t hesitate to ask.

Continuous Professional Development

I attend many courses and retreats each year to improve my knowledge and teaching ability. Not only that but I ENJOY IT! Last year I attended a monthly Meditation Course with Swami Pragyamurti at the Satyananda Centre in London. I went on a winter yoga retreat at Launde Abbey and earlier this year I was in India at the Yoga Point ashram studying yogic philosophy. By attending courses and events I keep the classes interesting and can make useful recommendations to my students.

My Teaching Diploma

I’m a member of the BRITISH WHEEL OF YOGA, this is the Sports England recognised organisation for yoga. I attend several educational days organised by them each year for Continuous Professional Development. In addition I maintain an up to date First Aid certificate. My objective is to teach safely and make the classes inspiring.

Smiley Happy Yogis2

Following 3 years of hard study, in March 2014 I was awarded the British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma. We had a splendid day of reward and recognition for my class of new Yoga Teachers to celebrate our achievement. The 500 hour yoga training course is recognised by Sport England as one of the highest standards for yoga teaching with regards to knowledge and safety of practice. The course is extremely thorough and well taught, it consisted of:

3 Years
500 hours of study
6 A4 ring binders of class notes
5 Anatomy work books
20 Written Assignments/Essays
115 Yoga Books
8 Practical Assignments
3 Teaching Observations

Not to mention teaching over 400 hours, class planning, preparation and evaluations!  The emphasis with the BWY is to accommodate all levels of fitness and practice safely by offering modifications where a student may need it. I (pictured above second from right in the rather jazzy top) teach yoga classes in lovely locations all around Rutland. See more information about my weekly classes here

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