Weekly Yoga Classes

Yoga Teacher Deborah King demonstrates Downward Dog pose


My weekly yoga classes in Stamford and Rutland are for all levels of fitness and yoga experience. With regular attendance you will improve your flexibility, strength and posture whilst reducing your stress, anxiety, and weight. 

Monday10.30-12.00Gentle YogaExtonbook here
Tuesday6.30 – 8.00Gentle YogaSouth Luffenhambook here
Wednesday11.30 – 1.00Gentle YogaStamfordbook here
Wednesday6.30 – 8.00Yoga for VitalityRyhallbook here

Online Classes Included For All Students

Following the success of our online classroom, all members of the weekly classes will have free access to the weekly class recording on our Facebook page. Students will be able to practice as often as they like, where ever they like, in addition to their usual class and all under the guidance of a professional, experienced teacher. Do Yoga Your Way – perfectly flexible to suit your lifestyle.

The weekly class will be streamed live from Exton on Monday mornings and will be available throughout the week for all students to practice at home in addition to or instead of their usual class. The online classroom will offer supplementary short videos, audios, recommended reads and articles relating to our topic of the term. Students can dip in and out as they choose – from 15 minutes per day to repeating the whole weekly class. Do Yoga Your Way!

Cost of classes

Payment is in terms of 6 weeks and the cost for each term is £60.  If you miss your usual in person class, where space allows, you can make it up at a different one. This can be in the same week or different week, just let me know beforehand.

If you’re unsure and would like to try out a class before joining for a term, please contact me here

Gentle Yoga

These classes are 90 minutes long and are excellent for beginners. Students with some experience and people with restrictions will find this a great class too. We move at a fairly slow pace which gives time for modifications, explanations and the use of props. The pace also allows for stronger students to develop by holding postures for longer. Demonstrations are given and each student’s postural alignment is checked to ensure safe practice.

Yoga for Vitality

These classes are 90 minutes long and are aimed at students who are relatively fit or experienced at yoga. We explore the postures with longer holds and physical challenges. Our pranayama practice will develop a deeper sense of the subtle body. Yogic philosophy and history are woven into the class practices with suggestions and support to develop a personal, daily practice. The pace will assume some knowledge of yoga techniques and a reasonable level of fitness. We will use chanting, and various means of relaxation/meditation.

All venues are warm with wooden floors

Do Yoga! classes are planned in detail beforehand. All students are accommodated with planned modifications where a student may not benefit from the usual exercise. Each class builds knowledge and understanding as the weeks and terms go on. In this way students develop thorough understanding of themselves, their bodies and of the yoga tradition. Individual assistance is offered where appropriate and home practice/reading on topics covered is encouraged by way of a newsletter emailed monthly. This produces competent students who are able to develop their own personal practice and yogic lifestyle as they see fit. I also foster a supportive, community spirit. If you would like to join us you will be made most welcome by myself and the other members of the group.

Booking is essential because space is limited. It’s best to arrive 10 minutes before the start of a class so that you can lay out your mat and take your shoes off. You’ll need to have your own mat, blocks and blanket for health and saftey reasons. Please allow extra time before your first class to find the hall and fill out a health questionnaire form.

If you have any questions what-so-ever about my weekly yoga classes, please contact me

Before you come along, it’s a good idea to read through the pages Starting yoga and What to wear

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