Saturday Yoga – Improving Your Back Health

Improving Your Back Health

Gentle yoga to manage back ache and strengthen the back and body as a whole

Saturday Mornings 10 – 12.30 Ryhall Village Hall

Dates – 13th Oct, 17th Nov, 8th Dec 2018 & 12th Jan, 9th Feb, 16th Mar 2019

Cost – £120 (£60 payable on booking and £60 on 8th Dec)

There is an old saying ‘you are only as old as your spine is flexible’… and this course aims to increase the flexibility of the spine and strengthen the back and body as a whole. If the health of the spine reflects the health of the whole body, then we need to ensure that the spine is in good health! Intended for people who may have suffered with back ache – but then hasn’t everyone from time to time??? So all are welcome. No previous experience of yoga is necessary, both beginners and experienced yogis will learn a great deal.  All the sessions are held on Saturday mornings 10 – 12.30 at Ryhall Village Hall. Please arrive 10 minutes early to settle in, a tea/coffee break will be provided.

Course Outline

October 13th AHIMSA (Do no harm)

Often our problems in the spine are self inflicted – in our efforts to get things finished we stay at work for long hours hunched over a desk, or continue weeding and digging way beyond when we know we should take a break and in the car – nearly home! – so we carry on longer with consequences that may last for days or even weeks. Our first lesson will be AHIMSA when it’s time to take a break in our lives we must learn to listen to our bodies. We will work on gentle postures to manage our aches and pains and work with relaxations to re-set our perception of time.


November 17th SAMASTHITI (Equal standing)

Standing firmly with weight evenly spread through the feet is essential to overall posture and this will be our second lesson. Looking at Tadasana – the basic standing posture and at exercises to improve the necessary areas. We will study the anatomy of the spine and the body as a whole looking at areas where the body may compensate and where bad habits can set in and lead to back ache.


December 8th  STHIRA SUKA (The body is comfortable and strong)

In our third lesson we will build upon the first and second sessions working with flowing postures to create a sequence which will then be the homework for the month. It is hoped that a home practice is developed to 3 times per week. In this way the body builds strength and qualities of calmness and confidence can be developed which will help to break the cycle of back problems.


January 12th UTKATASANA (Chair pose)

Referring back to lesson 2 and looking at how the legs relate to the spine we will develop stronger posture work to strengthen the core and thighs. When the legs and back work together in harmony there is much less chance of the back being hurt.  This fourth lesson will focus on standing postures including the Chair pose and a variety of balances. We will be taking a close look at our left and right sides to see if there are any imbalances and work out a plan to correct these as best we are able.


February 9th DANDASNA (Staff pose)

This months’ lesson will study ‘sitting’. How we sit and why we sit. We will look at our lives and see how much time is spent sitting down and think about what impact this has on our spine. Our posture work will look at seated postures on the mat and on chairs with a view to integrate our findings into our lives in general – not just on the yoga mat. We will include the ‘Indian Arm Chair’ – squats – and a program of how to develop your own squat.


March 16th KANDERASANA (Bridge pose)

We will focus our attention this month on the shoulders and neck – taking a close look at the Bridge pose. As with each of our sessions we will be working with breathing exercises; in particular this month thinking about how the breath can release tension in the upper back.  Time will be spent reviewing the work of the whole course and building a maintenance programme for each individual – this may involve relieving pain, strengthening one side or a particular part of the back or body.


All lessons will include a wide variety of asana (posture work), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and relaxations. A selection of teaching methods will be employed – 3D models, illustrations, group work and discussion,  in the hope to create an enthusiastic learning environment. Each student will come with their own level of fitness and backache and there will be something for everyone to take into their lives. I can’t promise a miracle cure, but with patience, your body will become stronger and back ache a thing of the past. The cost for the course is £120 (£60 payable on booking and £60 on 8th Dec)

You can book via email here

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