Saturday Yoga – Recharging Your Batteries

Recharging Your Batteries

Flowing and restorative yoga postures with deep relaxations – great for stress management & anxiety

Saturday Afternoons 1.30 – 4 Ryhall Village Hall

Dates – 13th Oct, 17th Nov, 8th Dec 2018 & 12th Jan, 9th Feb, 16th Mar 2019

Cost – £120 (£60 payable on booking and £60 on 8th Dec)


In today’s increasingly stressful world it is of vital importance to take time to out – to allow the body and mind to unwind the stress built up in our lives and to literally ‘recharge our batteries’.  If left unchecked, stress can build up over time leaving us feeling washed out and putting us at increased risk of serious health conditions such as heart conditions, digestive problems and increased incidence of viruses due to a compromised immunity. This course aims to cover aspects of the nervous system, how stress effects the body and where we can obtain that much needed energy when we need it.  Please arrive 10 minutes early to settle in, a tea/coffee break will be provided.

Course Outline

October 13th

Today I will open the door to calmness and let the footsteps of silence gently enter the temple of all my activities.

In the first session we will investigate the advantages of being calm, including looking at how this affects our nervous system. The posture work will be gentle and calm with soothing music and poetry. We will look at our own way of breathing noticing any habits or holding patterns and work towards ways of releasing these.  There will be a short time given in the session to writing our findings down and also to put into words our personal aims for the course.


November 17th

The breath leads, The body follows, The mind watches

Our focus in this lesson will be on Prana – the yogis word for energy or ‘essential life force’. We will look at what gives us Prana and ways to increase our Prana in our yoga and in our daily lives. The postures will focus on movement with the breath developing and improving our capacity and continuing with the work started in the first session releasing old patterns of breathing.


December 8th

My mind, my body and my breath flow together in perfect harmony

This month we will be working with a flow of postures allowing the breath, body and mind to unite in a dance-like composition. Everyone will work at their own level to ignite energy and warmth within themselves. We will cool ourselves down with the calming yet energising breathing practice of Ujjayi.

We’ll have a general introduction to yogas ‘Chakra’ (wheels of energy) system.


January 12th

I have the power within me to create for myself a life of peace, health, fulfilment and joy

Working with postures focused around the Manipura chakra at the navel to balance our energy, will and strength.  Strong postures such as the Warriors and Plank variations will be practiced with a gradual development from basic versions to more complex to develop stamina and strength. We will also begin the groundwork Bastrika pranayama which will be finessed in the February session.


February 9th

As I breathe in, I open my heart. As I breathe out, I send love.

Moving on to the heart Chakra – Anahata and using a variety of postures to expand the chest. The Camel pose and Down Facing Dog will be our focus to practice for the home routine. We’ll develop the Bastrika having laid the foundations during January and continue our work with Ujjayi pranayama.


March 16th

In silence I grow, in stillness I heal

Our final session will focus on the Visuddha Chakra in the throat centre. This centre is responsible for communication, purification and refinement and we will work towards the Shoulder stand and Crane posture to develop the physical and energetic area of the body.

We will learn about the use of Mantra as a meditation tool – with scope for using Sanskrit sounds or writing our own mantra or affirmation.

There will be time in this session to pull our work over the past 6 months together with a question and answer session and time to reflect personally and to write any thoughts about your journey.



All lessons will include a wide variety of asana (posture work), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and relaxations. A selection of teaching methods will be employed – 3D models, illustrations, group work and discussion,  in the hope to create a lively learning environment. Each student will come with their own level of stress and find ways to reduce this via the practices and spending time with a supportive group of like-minded people. There are no miracle cures, but with patience, your body will become stronger, your mind calmer and you will feel more alive with more energy.

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