Saturday Yoga

New Yoga Classes – Saturday Yoga – 6 Month Courses

From next October I will be offering a new way to practice yoga with two brand new 6 month courses. These will include 6 x Monthy Workshops plus 6 Home Practice Guides (including written instructions and videos). This is an ideal way to practice yoga if you can’t commit to a regular weekly class.  The workshops will be based at Ryhall Village Hall and will focus on 2 themes – one about the spine  and one more general for ‘recharging your batteries’ !

Dates – 13th Oct, 17th Nov, 8th Dec 2018 & 12th Jan, 9th Feb, 16th Mar 2019

Cost – £120 (£60 payable on booking and £60 on 8th Dec)

Improving Your Back Health – Saturday mornings 10 – 12.30

There is an old saying ‘you are only as old as your spine is flexible’… and this course aims to increase the flexibility of the spine and strengthen the back and body as a whole. If the health of the spine reflects the health of the whole body, then we need to ensure that the spine is in good health! Intended for people who may have suffered with back ache – but then hasn’t everyone from time to time??? So all are welcome. No previous experience of yoga is necessary, both beginners and experienced yogis will learn a great deal.

Recharging Your Batteries – Saturday afternoons 1.30 – 4.00

In today’s increasingly stressful world it is of vital importance to take time to out – to allow the body and mind to unwind the stress built up in our lives and to literally ‘recharge our batteries’.  If left unchecked, stress can build up over time leaving us feeling washed out and putting us at increased risk of serious health conditions such as heart conditions, digestive problems and increased incidence of viruses due to a compromised immunity. This course aims to cover aspects of the nervous system, how stress effects the body and how we can build/replenish that much needed energy when we need it.  No previous yoga experience is needed – the course is suitable for all levels of fitness and knowledge of yoga.

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