1-2-1 Private Yoga Class

A 1-2-1 private yoga class is a personal session to suit your individual requirements. Maybe you suffer from back ache, have difficulty sleeping or are stressed out from working too hard.  Don’t despair!  Lots of niggling health problems respond well to yoga because it works holistically, that is, treating the whole person. Yoga can help you to gain control over many common health issues.

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Some examples of conditions that respond well to a 1-2-1 private yoga class are, back ache, joint problems, arthritis, insomnia, menopausal symptoms, stress and anxiety.

There’s a body of growing scientific evidence that shows yoga is successful and due to this, the NHS now recommends yoga for health and wellbeing. Have a look at how the NHS recommends yoga

What to expect

My 1-2-1 Private Yoga Classes last 1 hour and take place in my cosy yoga room.  Appointments are available on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. The session begins with a short consultation followed by a series of asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing practices). I make a note of what we do so that you can refer to it later and use it as a guide for home practice. Finally I will talk you through a deep relaxation exercise. We do Relaxation as an important part of any yoga session because it provides the environment for the body to heal itself.

Individual sessions cost £45.

Courses of 4 and 6 weeks are available at a discount.

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