Stress Busters

Repair a scattered mind and an exhausted body with these deeply relaxing postures or lie in savasana and listen to one of the recorded relaxation exercises at the bottom of the page.  Remember, if you have an eye condition, headache or blood pressure issues, it’s best not to take the head below the heart – try the modified versions of these postures that I give you in class. 

1 Sit quietly with the eyes closed for 5 minutes – awareness on the breath; bringing it to a calm, rhythmic flow, smooth as silk and quiet as a whisper.  Repeat the affirmation “Breathing in I calm my body and my mind, breathing out I smile. Dwelling in the present moment, I know this is the only moment.”

2 Stand up and roll down from the hips on an out-breath.  When you are as far as you want to go fold the arms and hold the opposite elbow.  Remain inverted for 5  breaths.  Roll up slowly on an in-breath.

3 Cat-Cow pose.  Rest on your hands and knees, take a breath in as you release and soften the belly down gently lifting the tail bone toward the ceiling look ahead rather than up.  Slowly exhale as you draw the navel toward the spine and roll the tail bone and crown of the head down.  Move slowly and gently through these breaths for 5 to 7 times.

4 Child pose.  Now gently sit your bottom back onto your heels and rest your forehead onto the floor or a block.  Breathe into the back and sides of your lungs.

5 Legs up the wall pose.  Firstly put some socks on.  Stack a couple of blankets next to a wall with no pictures or anything hanging below shoulder height.  It takes a bit of jiggling but – you are aiming to have your bottom next to the wall on top of the blankets and your legs straight up the wall so that you are in a right angle with your shoulder blades draped off the blanket and onto the floor.  You can place the arms over the head and link the hands or have them in a ‘stick em up!’ shape – which ever you feel comfy with.  Close the eyes and remain for up to 5 minutes.  First thing to note is that your feet do get cold, that’s why the socks are a good idea.  Secondly come down slowly, resting with your legs on the floor to the side before shuffling back off the blanket and then pushing up to seated.

Smile Meditation – A simple meditation to aid relaxation

Muscle Tense and Release Sequence

Simple Autogenic Therapy

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