Recycled Soothing Eye Pillow

Why not have a go at making this eye pillow and including it in your yoga bag? The halls I teach in (Preston Village Hall in Rutland and Ryhall Village just outside Stamford, Lincolnshire) offer variable lighting so I always adjust it when we come to relax.  However, an eye pillow – particularly with aContinue reading “Recycled Soothing Eye Pillow”

A Moment of Meditation

Give me gentle waves of breath to sooth my beating heart Let my ears have the patience to listen Let my eyes have softness to accept Let my mouth have words of encouragement Let my hands and heart be open Breathing in, I live in this very moment Breathing out, I know this is theContinue reading “A Moment of Meditation”

Introduction to Yoga – Course Begins 10th September

  Ever wanted to try Yoga but thought you weren’t flexible enough? Tried a Yoga class but couldn’t tell your Dandasana from your Tadasana? Been going to Yoga for years but want to know more about Patanjali? My ‘Introduction To Yoga’ course begins on September 10th and runs each Wednesday 6 -7 at Ryhall VillageContinue reading “Introduction to Yoga – Course Begins 10th September”

See Beauty in Every Posture

It’s what is going on inside that really matters – with each and every posture keep the awareness on that important fact – in the words of Donna Farhi – “When we realise that what we are advancing towards is not some physical form but an inward recognition of the truth of who we are, thenContinue reading “See Beauty in Every Posture”

New Class for September – Stretch & Relax Tuesdays 8 – 9pm

Stretch & Relax is for all those stressed out folks running a busy family or business that simply can’t get away for a 6 o’clock start.  This class is especially designed for you – no we won’t be bothering with toning, work or energetic moves – just some simple stretching to ease out those tenseContinue reading “New Class for September – Stretch & Relax Tuesdays 8 – 9pm”


Regretting all those mince pies?  Why not try yoga classes to help shift some of the festive excesses?  Yoga is a 5000 year old tradition used to strengthen the body and calm the mind.  My beginners classes this term focus on a short routine called SALUTE TO THE SUN that will help you to buildContinue reading “SHAPE UP WITH YOGA”

New Venue for Yoga in Manton

Don’t forget that the Manton classes will be at the new Inspire2Tri Studio as of next week.  We have been asked to park in the pub car park and walk up to the gate on St Mary’s Road.  Please respect the residents wishes. The address is; Inspire2Tri Studio, St Mary’s Road, Manton LE15 8SU SeeContinue reading “New Venue for Yoga in Manton”