A Moment of Meditation


Give me gentle waves of breath to sooth my beating heart

Let my ears have the patience to listen

Let my eyes have softness to accept

Let my mouth have words of encouragement

Let my hands and heart be open

Breathing in, I live in this very moment

Breathing out, I know this is the only moment

Over the summer I took advantage of the fabulous weather and did a photo shoot with the fantastic Lizzie Adams (‘blooming’ photographer of Uppingham).  The results were out of this world – such fabulous scenery, sun light and clicking of the shutter!!

Huge big thanks go out to Lizzie – I’ll be working with the images over the coming weeks to update my website and replenish my post cards stocks.



See Beauty in Every Posture



It’s what is going on inside that really matters – with each and every posture keep the awareness on that important fact – in the words of Donna Farhi –

“When we realise that what we are advancing towards is not some physical form but an inward recognition of the truth of who we are, then we will not feel ourselves to be failing if we cannot obtain difficult postures.”

Even simple postures are not achievable on some days – so watch out for the negative thoughts that come along. It’s what happens on the inside that really matters.

New Class for September – Stretch & Relax Tuesdays 8 – 9pm


Stretch & Relax is for all those stressed out folks running a busy family or business that simply can’t get away for a 6 o’clock start.  This class is especially designed for you – no we won’t be bothering with toning, work or energetic moves – just some simple stretching to ease out those tense shoulders and knots in the back. The central part of the class will be dedicated to deep relaxation and ending up with restorative postures to ensure we are all awake to get home safely.  Come prepared to unwind – watch the years fall off your face and the sparkle return to your eyes! Places are limited – please book as soon as possible.


Regretting all those mince pies?  Why not try yoga classes to help shift some of the festive excesses?  Yoga is a 5000 year old tradition used to strengthen the body and calm the mind.  My beginners classes this term focus on a short routine called SALUTE TO THE SUN that will help you to build up the abdominal, back muscles and strengthen the arms and legs.  My classes are based in warm, airy halls a within a short drive from Stamford, Oakham and Uppingham.  Why not come along and give it a try…

Either Mondays at Manton Inspire2tri Studio 10 – 11 am

or Wednesdays at Ryhall Village Hall 6 – 7 pm

Booking is essential please contact me to book your place