The Key to Weight Loss

As we age – even just getting past 30 – the pounds seem to creep on.  It isn’t a myth, age related weight gain happens due to a variety of reasons – we become less active than our younger selves, we have more stress, and we tend to have less muscle mass. So the middleContinue reading “The Key to Weight Loss”

Weight Loss Yoga Workshop Rescheduled

The Preston Yoga Workshop will be rescheduled to November 16th – Sunday afternoon 2 – 4.30pm.  Lightening struck the building last Saturday (11th October) and burnt out cables/switches/thingamujigies and all other things electrical.  So we had no power on Sunday and had to abandon our workshop which was a pity.  Never mind!  Think of itContinue reading “Weight Loss Yoga Workshop Rescheduled”