Terms of Business

Yoga is not really a business, however, I do offer classes and therapy for payment and it is my only source of income. I rely on the generosity and commitment of you, my students, for my livelihood. The more of my time I spend dealing with payments, banking and chasing people, the less of my time I can give to you in preparation, assessment of your needs and discovering new ways to teach. It would be great if everyone in the community would adopt the following…

1 Pay in full for classes at the beginning of each term.

2 Make any cancellations at least one week prior to a class or therapy session. Where this is not possible, a 50% cancellation payment sent to my address is considered fair.

3 I extend the flexibility to students when they cannot attend their regular class to join another group – by prior arrangement by email with me.

I try to keep the classes affordable for all and therefore offer some of the best value classes for yoga in the area. It’s very difficult to put a price on yoga – if you feel that you are benefiting from coming to classes and are able to pay more then you are most welcome to make an additional donation at the beginning of any term or when paying for your therapy. Alternatively you can always send me a testimonial or recommend yoga to your friends.



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