Weight Loss Yoga Programme

Yoga Teacher Deborah King teaching cactus pose

This is a 6 week course of ‘on-demand’ videos. Access is via a private Facebook page and you can work through the videos in your own time, repeating the classes as many times as you wish. Each week there’s 3 new sessions to help you to get active and determined to succeed with your weight loss.

  • 30 minutes yoga exercise class that builds up week on week
  • a 10 minute practical activity to focus the mind and develop positivity
  • a 15 minute relaxing or meditating exercise

Designed for you to access anytime, anywhere (with wifi), you can work through the sessions at times throughout the week to fit in with your life.

Following this 6 week programme will help you to build more energy to make positive changes in your lifestyle. This in turn will lead to better eating habits.

Week 1 – Setting your Goal

Week 2 – Observing your habits

Week 3 – Being honest with yourself

Week 4 – Slow down and slim down

Week 5- Making small, permanent changes

Week 6 – Perseverance


Weight Loss Yoga Programme

A 6 week programme containing recorded videos and downloadable forms for aiding weight loss. Access is via a private Facebook page.


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