What To Wear To Yoga

To get the most from your yoga class, it’s best to wear stretchy, close fitting clothing that moves with you. When deciding what to wear to yoga, layers are always best! Then you can regulate your own body temperature throughout the class. Steer away from baggy clothes or hoods that might fall down over your head when you bend over.


I’m all for self expression, looking good and feeling great.  I actively encourage all students to ‘find their yoga style’ ! There are some really funky leggings and short dresses/long tops that look fabulous.

However, just thought I’d give you a few tips on what fashion looks to avoid when coming to yoga…

The rude bottom – female

Rude Yoga

Leggings come in all thicknesses. Most are great for wearing under dresses and long tops, but it’s best to buy a proper sports brand if you are going to wear them with a short top!  Test your yoga pants by standing with your back to a mirror, bend over and have a good look – can you see your bottom?

The rude bottom – male

man in short shorts

Wide legged postures will spell danger for this chap!  Think about cycle shorts or leggings and wear layers. It’s really important to be warm when we come to the relaxation or meditation phase – even for men!

The Ouch – That’s gonna dig in

That's going to dig in

Beware any buttons, embroidery or ties on any part of you. Embellishments, particularly on the back, will cause irritation when we do postures that involve that part being on the floor.

The Puppy Pop Out

puppy popping out

Ladies, get your bosom under control. It’s really important to wear a correct fitting bra to yoga.  One that holds you firm in all postures – trust me you can feel claustrophobic in downward dog if your puppies come loose.  The best test is to do a forward bend and if there is escapage try a different bra.

The Bike Park

bike part

This applies to both sexes and needs to be addressed by adding a longer t-shirt or dress (if you’re a lady).

The Hair Monster

bad hair day

You can try gel or a hair bobble – plaits, ponies or up-dos – just give this one a miss or I can’t tell which way you’re facing!

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