Workshop Programme 2018

Saturday workshops are back! My Weekend Workshops are great for new and existing students.  They are suitable for all levels of fitness and experience of yoga.  They can bee ‘stand alone’ classes, taught from the basics up or may be treated as a course in themselves – why not come along and try? 

Each 3 hour workshop will consist of 2 lots of 1 1/4 hour of practice with a tea/coffee break in between. Tea/coffee and biscuits will be provided on a serve yourself basis.

A variety of teaching methods will be used. Each morning will contain posture work, breathing practices and relaxations. There will be the chance, given the longer time available for work to develop deeper, question and answer session plus, where appropriate a handout to take home.

The workshops will cost £20 per person and bookings will be taken in advance by cash or cheque on a first come first served basis.

All workshops will take place at Ryhal Village Hall beginning at 10.00 and ending at 1.00.

Saturday 24 February  – Yoga for a Healthy Back

The spine is one of the main focuses of yoga – it is said that you are as old as your spine is flexible…

With this in mind I’ll be concentrating on gentle exercises that students can learn at the workshop to do at home on a daily or as-and-when basic to ease low back pain, strengthen the back muscles and increase flexibility.  Yoga is now proven to help people with back ache more than the traditional remedies (painkillers, hot/cold packs).

In a recent trail led by the University of York and funded by Arthritis Research UK of over 300 people, those offered a 12 week yoga course experienced a 30% greater improvement in back function than those offered GP care alone.

Back pain affects 80% of adults in their lifetime.  It’s the top reason for a visit to the GP and costs the UK over £5 billion a year as 4.9 million working days each year are lost due to back pain.

Half of the test group were given the yoga option received a book and CD as well as 12 weekly yoga classes. The participants were encouraged to practice at home in between classes and continue regularly once the classes had finished. The other half were treated in the typical GP way with a combination of painkillers, manipulation, hot/cold packs and exercise.

If you, or someone you know, suffers with backache, why not come along and see if yoga can help you. The Workshop will be supported by handouts of a variety of exercises for students to work on at home. Please contact me to book your place.

Saturday 24 March – Partner Yoga

Using a partner to help warm up, motivate and move deeper into postures. You’ll wonder how you ever manage to do yoga on your own!!

Saturday 21 April – Feet First!

Working with practices to develop strong feet and ankles. Considering how footwear may effect the feet and ending with a lovely session of putting the feet up (why do this??? come along and find out).

Saturday 26 May – Meditation for Beginners

An active morning interspersed with periods of stillness to allow even the most fidgety to have a go and feel the wonderful benefits of meditation.

Saturday 23 June – Mantras, Malas and Yantras

A chance to deepen your yoga practice using methods of focusing the mind both during active posture work and when seated for meditation.


Please book your place in class or contact me for more information.


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