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I bulk purchase a range of yoga products to save students money on their equipment. Simply give me your order and payment in class and your items will be brought to the next class. Students save money because there are no p&p charges! Why not take advantage and buy your stuff in class?

Most of my things come from Yogamatters – if you prefer you can get your stuff delivered by them! They have a wide range of yoga equipment, books and clothing although you won’t be able to get the discount.

Soft Blocks

Get some blocks from the start. New students often ‘make do’ without them which means that they sit in discomfort for the breathing exercises. Just get a couple and be comfy!

soft blocks Soft Block £5 each

Sticky Mat

It’s best to invest in good quality equipment first time round. These sticky mats will last you forever so just buy one good one. Some students find that they are a bit thin and want extra padding – I advise getting 2 mats and laying them on top of each other. The thick foam mats are not safe – yes they are comfy for relaxation but they are no good for balancing on one foot!

Classic Yoga-Matters non-slip mat    Yoga Matters Classic Non-slip Mat £20

Scented Eye Pillow

Make the relaxation even better with a lovely lavender scented eye pillow. The gentle pressure on the eye brow area triggers pressure points, as a result enhances the relaxation process. The lavender fragrance is calming and soothing to the mind and body.

pink_patterned_eyepillow  Deluxe Lavender Scented Eye Pillow £10

Yoga Toe Socks

During the winter months the feet can get a bit cold when we do our posture work. But not if you wear these cosy yoga toes! The separation of the toes (while a bit tricky to put on) really helps with balance poses and trains the feet/toes to spread out. The sticky dots help to keep all standing postures nice and safe.

yoga toes socks Yoga toes (non slip socks) £5 COLOURS VARY

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