Yoga Retreats

We all know it’s good to take a break from time to time. At a Yoga Retreat you will get a chance to take time out from your usual routine, slow down and simply ‘be’.

At each yoga retreat we’ll take a particular theme. The pattern of the day will follow a similar format starting with a lovely, long yoga ‘class’. After lunch (please bring your own pack up) we’ll have some discussion of the days theme with readings and reflective activities that may include writing, crafts or art. We may use chanting, mantra and meditation depending on the theme of the day. After that we’ll do a short physical practice or take a walk outside. The day will finish with a nice cuppa and homemade cake.

The following dates are provisional – dependant on the social distancing regulations. Please register your interest by contacting me with the button below.

Yoga Retreat – Sankalpa – RESCHEDULED FOR 2021

Sowing the seeds of change

Yoga is a great tool for transformation and change. We use postures to relieve discomfort and to grow a stronger body. Meditation and concentration help to strengthen the mind. Visualisation can create a view of our future and alter a negative mindset to a positive one. It’s always beneficial to take a moment away from our usual day to day happenings and reflect on how we want our lives to unfold. In this Retreat we’ll spend a little time with the idea of a Sankalpa (a resolve in the form of a short positive statement) and how we might utilise it to affect change in our lives.

You can read more about Sankalpa here

Yoga Retreat – AHIMSA – RESCHEDULED FOR 2021

Do no harm…

The morning will consist of physical practices including postures and breath work. Our focus will be on the 3 vulnerable areas of the body (knees, lower back and neck) and how we can strengthen them using yoga practices avoid injuring them both in yoga and in our daily life. Following lunch we’ll work with the 8 Limbs of Yoga of which Ahimsa is the very first principal. We’ll have relaxations and meditations based on positive self talk before a short physical practice to round off the day.

If you are new to Do Yoga! and have any questions you can email me here

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