Starting Yoga

Firstly I must EMPHASIZE that you do not need to be flexible to join a class. Yoga helps people to become fitter, more flexible and more relaxed – everyone can benefit.

For the online classes you don’t really need any equipment to begin with.  A rolled up bathmat will do as a block and then you can unroll it to use as a cover for relaxation.

For in person classes you will need your own mat (sticky yoga mat), a warm blanket and soft blocks. I can provide some of these if you have trouble finding them – see my SHOP

Please print out the Do Yoga Student Health Questionnaire fill it in and bring it with you to your first class. This will mean that I can ensure you are practising safely.


To get the most from the classes it’s best if you arrive 10 minutes before the class begins. Arriving late not only means that you won’t get the best from your class but is disruptive to the other students. I always lock the door when the class starts so that we are safe and warm and will not be disturbed.

Leave 2 hours after a meal and 1 hour after a snack before your yoga class

Wear comfy, stretchy clothing – not too loose so that it flops in your face when bending

If you are unsure about a health issue, talk to your doctor before starting yoga

Never practice under the influence of alcohol

If you are pregnant some of the exercises I offer are not suitable – find ‘Yoga for Pregnancy’ classes

If you are ill or just not feeling at your best let me know before the start of the class

If a position is uncomfortable for you DO NOT DO IT

Bare feet are best for grip and it’s safest to practice on a sticky mat

Proceed into postures slowly and carefully

Never force or strain to get into a position – feel as though you are releasing into a pose and holding it comfortably

Keep your awareness on what you are doing at all times – this is how you train your mind

Follow the instructions as closely as possible

If you ever experience pain please let me know

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