Basic Information You Need Before Starting a Yoga Practice

You will need your own mat (proper sticky yoga mat), a warm blanket and soft blocks. I can provide some of these if you have trouble finding them – see my SHOP WINDOW

It is most beneficial for you to get the most from the classes if you arrive 10 minutes before the class begins. I always lock the door when the class starts so that we are safe and warm and will not be disturbed.  There is no access for late entry – this is part of the discipline of taking up yoga 🙂

Leave 2 hours after a meal and 1 hour after a snack before practising yoga

Wear comfy, stretchy clothing – not too loose so that it flops in your face when bending

If you are unsure about a health issue, talk to your doctor before doing any yoga

Never practice under the influence of alcohol

If you are pregnant some of the exercises I offer are not suitable – find ‘Yoga for Pregancy’ classes

If you are ill or just not feeling at your best inform me at the start of the class

If a position is uncomfortable for you DO NOT DO IT

Bare feet are best for grip and it’s safest to practice on a sticky mat

Proceed into postures slowly and carefully

Never force or strain to get into a position – feel as though you are releasing into a pose and holding it comfortably

Keep your awareness on what you are doing at all times – this is how you train your mind

Follow the instructions as closely as possible

Relax briefly between each posture

If you ever experience pain please let me know

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