Term dates

Yoga Teacher Deborah King teaching cactus pose


Apr 20th – May 29th
Jun 8th – July 17th
July 27th – Sep 4th
Sep 14th – Oct 23rd
Nov 2nd – Dec 11th


If you would like any more information or have any questions, please contact me and I will get straight back to you.

The yoga term dates usually fall in line with local schools. This is ideal for parents and grandparents who are often busy with children during the holidays.

Each term gives us a chance to work on a particular theme and set of exercises. It is said that when you practice something for 40 days there is more of a chance that it will sink in and become a habit. 

The holidays give us a chance to reflect and a break from the normal routine. I always give suggestions to continue your yoga practice. These may take the form of hand-outs in class, downloads from this website or videos on my YouTube channel do-yoga-at-home.

During the pandemic I have revised the term dates to work an additional 6 week term over the summer as we will not be taking holidays this year.

I am hopeful that the classes will resume back in the village halls from September. You can see the ‘normal’ timetable here. Until then all classes are taught remotely via Live Streaming on Facebook and then available as a recording throughout the following week. You can see the Live Streaming timetable here.

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