Little Changes For 2015

We all like to turn over a new leaf at the beginning of a new year – making vows not to eat/drink so much and committing to take a daily trip to the gym/jog/cycle ride. The yogic approach is to take small daily steps on a much worn path: using exercises that are both physicalContinue reading “Little Changes For 2015”

Do Yoga! Top 10 Asana

Thanks to everyone who voted in my “Favourite Asana” poll at the end of last term. It made interesting counting and I’ll try to include all mentioned postures in the classes we do over the coming year. So for the Top 10 Results.  In reverse order… Number 10 – Shashankasana Number 9 – Universal TwistContinue reading “Do Yoga! Top 10 Asana”

A small tribute to a great man

BKS Iyengar sadly passed away last month on the 20th August – he was a real yoga champion!  As one of the foremost yoga teachers in the world, he introduced many in the West to the practice of yoga and helped to make yoga acceptable and popular.  He was the teacher of Yehudi Menuhin, AldousContinue reading “A small tribute to a great man”

Introduction to Yoga – Course Begins 10th September

  Ever wanted to try Yoga but thought you weren’t flexible enough? Tried a Yoga class but couldn’t tell your Dandasana from your Tadasana? Been going to Yoga for years but want to know more about Patanjali? My ‘Introduction To Yoga’ course begins on September 10th and runs each Wednesday 6 -7 at Ryhall VillageContinue reading “Introduction to Yoga – Course Begins 10th September”


Why not practice a little yoga at home?  This asana makes a great morning wake up exercise. Come onto the floor on all 4s. Ensure you support your hips by having the knees slightly apart and the thighs vertical.  Support the shoulders in a similar way by placing the hands underneath or very slightly inContinue reading “Marjari-asana”

Chakra Workshop

On Saturday 26th April I’ll be doing a 2 hour workshop in Ryhall Village Hall –  using yoga asana and pranayama to stabilise the energy centres of the body known as the Chakras.  The workshop will take the format of our usual classes; beginning with a meditation to focus the mind and followed with aContinue reading “Chakra Workshop”

Yoga Adventure on the High Seas

Over half term why not practice our boat pose?  In class over this term we have been creating variations and adventures to go with them… If you are not sure how to develop the pose – there is a great article taking you step-by-step into it here If you are more confident and can rememberContinue reading “Yoga Adventure on the High Seas”

Candle Gazing

The dark nights are a great time to practice Candle Gazing or Tratak.  Said to have evolved from our ancestors staring into the burning fire, this is a fantastic practice to develop concentration and meditation. How to do Tratak Light a candle and place it at eye level on a small table around 3 inContinue reading “Candle Gazing”

Introduction to Yoga

My beginners class in Ryhall will start from the very beginning this September. Each week we will develop physical and relaxing exercises to shed light on the benefits of yoga and why it has been practiced by so many people over so long a period. Covering the basic postures with plenty of personal guidance andContinue reading “Introduction to Yoga”