Celebrating 10 Years of Teaching Yoga!

When I first started teaching in 2012

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since I began teaching yoga. I’ve been reflecting on my different classes and students over the years by reading through some of my testimonials – it’s literally brought a tear to my eye!

I’ve selected one message from each year for this post.

To all of my lovely students over the years – wherever you are and what ever you’re doing – I send my gratitude and love. You cannot be a good teacher without good students.

Thank you for turning up and supporting me xxx

Hi Debs,

I meant to say to you that I think that the gradual way that you have built up the classes has been fantastic.  Over the years, I’ve done quite a few yoga classes and sometimes they just race ahead too much and you can end up feeling stiff for days.  Your tuition has been really clear and precise and that’s so important.  You’re doing a great job!

Yours, Margaret, 18.10.12


Hi Debbie,

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have joined your yoga classes.  I have thoroughly enjoyed them and look forward to it every week.  I am reading books recommended by you and they have really opened my eyes to many things.  It has made me look at life differently and encouraged me to seek more knowledge of yoga.

Thank you again, Marianne, 15/1/13


Hi Debs, just wanted to thank you for all the work & wisdom over the last six week’s in the class, it was good and went very fast.

Just to let you know the relaxation work in the last session seemed very much to help the healing of that muscle tear from the Great Eastern (which is still healing) and that’s the positive thing. John, 16/10/14


Taking up yoga, having suffered greatly from stress in my mid fifties was a big step. However I have thoroughly enjoyed gently easing my body back into fitness and a new feeling of wholeness through my breathing and movement.Debbie very carefully takes students through asanas (movements) and if someone is new to yoga she explains how the body is working through diagrams and explanation. The meditation is wonderful and encourages relaxation, clarity of mind and peaceful sleeping patterns.The classes are friendly and everyone is helped as an individual.  I would just like to thank Debbie and everyone I have worked alongside with for an inspiring start to yoga. I just wouldn’t want to be without  my yoga practice now.

Yoga  can be  life changing .Thankyou. Hazel. 04/09/2015

Deb King Meditation at Normanton

Hi Deb,

Just a note to say – I love your class! I had the best night’s sleep in ages after last weeks! Thank you so much.

Caroline, September 2016


Hi Deb,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help and teaching over the last year or two. I suffer quite badly at times with depression, and despite originally being a bit sceptical about how yoga could help, it has made a huge different to my mental health and I am so very grateful for your help with that. Best wishes, DS, Dec 2017


I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy your classes.  Your experience and passion for practicing and teaching yoga shines through; and the serene location of Preston Village Hall is perfect. I am relatively new to Rutland and joining your yoga class has helped me feel at home.

Thanks Deb (from Shazza) July 2018


Hi Deb,

Thank you for being such an amazing instructor, I very much appreciate the practice you teach & your lovely way & style of teaching. CB, April 2019


“Loads of yoga on YouTube of course but it lacks the personal touch and, for the most part, aimed at high performers, leaving folk like me feeling quite inadequate. Keep up the good work. You’re most appreciated.” Tony, July 2020


Dear Deb,

Thank you so much for your help over the past few years – I’ve just been measured and have regained 1” in height! I’m so thrilled I had to write and let you know…This is entirely down to exercise, mostly yoga with the stretching it involves.

Even though I have only done class sessions, the improvement has built up slowly over 2 years, which shows the value of keeping at it. Yoga has also helped me to maintain good posture and to improve my balance.

Yoga is fantastic! Sue, December 2021


Yoga Pamper Day – Delight Your Senses

A retreat gives you a moment of calm

Yoga Retreat – 29th January 2022

Exton Village Hall 10.30 – 3.30

Yoga Pamper Day Celebrating the Senses”

Greet 2022 with open arms and delight in your own senses!

Enjoy a fun day where we will indulge our senses with practices to celebrate and bring happiness. Wonderful challenges with and without our eyes, aromatherapy for our nose, a singing bowl for our ears, self-massage for touch and of chocolate cake for our taste!

£39 per person to include refreshments, lunch and cake.

Please contact me to book your place x

Yoga in 2022

Our focus this term will be on the Fire element. After re-capping the Earth and Water elements we’ll move on to learn about Fire and its effect upon us. The Sun is the central feature of this element and we’ll continue to work with the Sun Salutes. Transformation is the key – how things burn and become something else… This relates to our digestive system – sometimes referred to as Agni ‘the digestive fire’ . We’ll be stretching and strengthening the abdominal area with back bending and abdominal breathing.

When our digestive fires burn well our food is transformed into energy – making us feel alive and ready for anything. Our posture is vital – standing tall and moving about gently enables the stomach and intestines to work properly. When these activities are in balance there’s no need for diet restrictions or any sense of deprivation. It’s a very positive approach to all-round well being.

Here’s a short video to demonstrate one of the basic back bending postures we’ll do in class. If you can practice this at home a little, it will help to strengthen your back muscles and stretch your abdominal area too. This will, in turn, get the digestive fire burning brightly making you feel full of energy!

Yoga – Anti-Rheumatic Sequence

Here’s a short, standing practice to loosen up the joints in your arms and legs. By moving all the joints in sequence you systematically ‘oil’ all of the joints in turn. Try it everyday for a couple of weeks and I’m sure you’ll notice a difference, especially if you suffer with arthritis or rheumatism. If you experience any pain or are having a flair-up in the joint (it feels sore, is red or swollen) then don’t do these exercises for that joint. REST it for now and then when it feels easier do the movements. You can do the actions/movements on all the other joints though and this will help to increase circulation around the whole body which, in turn, will help the painful joint to heal.

Autumn Leaves Relaxation Audio

Use the falling leaves of Autumn as a metaphor for letting go of old habits

This is a lovely, gentle relaxation that helps us to accept change and develop a positive attitude to letting things go. These may be possessions, relationships or behavioral patterns – anything really that makes us unhappy or stressed. Sometimes if we stop ‘holding’ onto things so much they actually respond and change to develop into something more positive.

Always ensure you are safe and comfortable when you practice relaxation exercises.

Yogic Gift Ideas for Christmas

It’s great to treat friends and relatives with gifts at Christmas. If you’re looking for a treat for someone who loves yoga as much as you do how about these – my top 5 suggestions –

Yoga Toe Socks

Keep feet warm during winter sessions of yoga

These socks have little toe sections and sticky dots on the base. They are very good for practicing yoga – not only do they keep your feet warm and toasty, but they help the toes to separate and find their own ‘space’ which helps us to balance.

You can order them from me in class – £5 per pair (colours vary)

Lavender Eye Pillow

A relaxing eye pillow can help people to get to sleep

This is a great eye pillow filled with lavender and is a great addition to anyone’s yoga kit. It’s also great if you know someone who has trouble sleeping – the aroma of lavender is soothing and the slight pressure on the eye sockets and forehead is calming and induces rest.

You can order them from me in class – the cost is £10.

Learn to Relax

Give the gift of relaxation

This is a lovely book that can either be worked through from front to back of just dipped in and out of as you fancy. There are several practical exercises plus lots of interesting step-by-step approaches to releasing anxiety and stress. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone and often use the exercises and chapters as inspiration for our relaxation sessions in class.

You can buy a copy on Amazon here

Power Thought Cards

Give the gift of positivity

These are a great combination of words and images that inspire a positive and powerful mindset. I have given them to so many people I can’t remember the number! Everyone who receives a set is absolutely delighted and uses them in different ways. You can’t go wrong with this honestly – whether or not the recipient is a yoga-lover.

You can buy them on Amazon here

Yoga Retreat

Treat a loved one to a super-relaxing day of yoga at one of my Saturday retreats in Exton. Fully inclusive of refreshments, light lunch and home-made cake, this will be a gift of yoga to delight. At just £39 you could make someone very, very happy for a fairly small cost.

Choose a day for them next year from the selection on this webpage

Tone Your Upper Arms

Here’s a few exercises to help you tone the upper arms. I’m afraid if we don’t do some exercises to help the upper arms they will end up rather flabby and drop down in the classic ‘Bingo-Wings’ style. Don’t let this happen, and if they are a litlle bit droopy, turn things around with this short yoga practice. Set yourself a goal of 3 times per week and see how your arms look in a month. I’m certain you’ll be delighted with the result.

There are just 3 exercises, firstly a standing posture ‘Goddess’ which you can do in a simple standing posture if you’d rather not squat. You can even practice from seated at your desk – just make sure you have space available to spread your arms wide.

The second exercise is good old plank pose – which helps to give us strength in the arms, shoulders and hands. The forearm plank is great too – this can be done as well or instead if you have any issue with your wrists.

Finally the chest opener either standing or moving into a forward bend (Dwikonasana) depending on how experienced you are with yoga.

Try to do little and often – when practiced regularly you will tone the upper arms and, by next summer, you’ll be able to show off your upper arms in short sleeves.

Relaxation – Drawing Energy up From the Roots

A guided relaxation from yoga teacher Deborah King

Here’s a short relaxation for you to practice, drawing energy up from the roots. It’s a great pick-me-up at this time of year, when the cold weather is beginning to drain our energy.

Lie on your back in semi-supine and get cosy with a pillow and blanket and press play.

Garuda Mudra

Garuda Mudra is also known as Eagle Mudra and is beneficial to the circulatory system. If you have high or low blood pressure please practice with caution.

First of all place the back of the right hand onto the palm of the left hand, clasp the thumbs together and position both hands facing the lower abdomen. Stretch out the fingers and take 10 smooth breaths.

Second slide the hands in the same mudra, up to the navel, 10 more breaths.

Third – slide the hands up to the stomach, taking 10 more breaths.

Finally, swap over the hands and position them over the sternum for a final round of 10 breaths.

In your minds eye, see yourself as free as a bird, sailing elegantly in a blue sky.

Yoga and the Water Element

From November our focus in class will change from Earth to Water. We’ll string a few postures together to have more ‘flows’ throughout the class. The Water element relates to our whole body and being (as we are more than 60% water!), but in particular the pelvic area and elimination system. With this in mind we’ll work to strengthen and release the hips – some of the students working on the above sequence of poses. We’ll also be working with the Moon Sequence – one of my old favourites – great for the arms and the hips too.

Our breath work will continue with the 3-part-breath and move towards Ujjayi (often called the ocean breath). In the meditation and relaxation sections of the class we’ll be floating and drifting using imagery of calm lakes, rivers and moonlit seas.