Anjali Mudra – Salutation Seal

Anjali mudra or prayer position, is an age-old means of helping human beings to remember the precious gift that life is, and to remind us to use it wisely.  It is used in many traditions, cultures and religions around the globe. It helps us to align our mind (awareness), feelings (heart), and actions (body) withContinue reading “Anjali Mudra – Salutation Seal”


The term mudra Means gesture or seal. Most Mudras use the hands but there are also Mudras for the whole body, mouth and eyes. When we sit still in class, either to calm ourselves at the beginning of practice or to rest in between asana (postures), I often suggest a Mudra for your hands. MudrasContinue reading “MUDRA AND THEIR HEALING BENEFITS”

Heart Mudra Meditation

A mudra is a seal to hold or direct prana (energy).  The heart mudra (Hridaya Mudra) is made with the fingers by bending the first finger into the root of the thumb and then bringing the tips of the 2nd and 3rd fingers to touch the tip of the thumb.  See the picture above. ThisContinue reading “Heart Mudra Meditation”


Simhasana is a meditative posture.  The weight of the body is evenly spread on the shins and the hands.  The spine is straight and there is a feeling of extension in the spinal column.  The abdomen is soft and relaxed and the pressure on the palms of the hands and wrists relieves stress and tension.Continue reading “SIMHASANA – LION POSE”