In class this term we are shining a light on the often overlooked workhorse of the body – the digestive system.

This mudra (hand gesture or seal) is the ‘gesture of unshakable trust’ – we hold it in front of the heart and repeat a mantra.  The one I have selected to end our practice is:

“I am a creation of the greatest omnipotence,

whose strength and power lovingly support

 me at all times”

By learning to read our ‘gut instincts’ we can bring about harmony in our body and in our life.

On a simple level, if some foods don’t agree with you, then it is probably best not to eat them (ie if you wake up with a hangover following several glasses of wine try to cut down or cut it out).  If you are not really hungry then it is best not to eat and so on.  Follow the simple principles of nature and have faith that the digestive system will work as it was designed to.

As we are all aware, the feelings within the digestive system are capable of telling us much more than if we are hungry or not – anxiety, anger and fear all manifest as emotions within the ‘gut’.  Through listening to, and tuning in with this feedback from our body we can live much more in tune with ourselves and our world.  This is how yoga begins to unite the body and the mind.

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