Cactus Pose – To improve Posture and Strengthen the Back

Cactus Pose – to improve Posture and Strengthen the Back


This pose is an easy way to strengthen your back – you can do it standing in a wide leg stance as I’m doing or Tadasana (two leg standing).  If you need a break from your work at a computer keyboard, try it at your desk when seated! A minute or two everyday should help keep the shoulders and upper back strong.  Also – try the meditative version holding the final pose for 10 breaths or so.

1 Stand or sit tall, pull the navel into spine to activate your core

2 Cross the wrists in front of you, raise the arms overhead as you breathe in

3 Exhale bending the elbows and spreading the fingers wide

4 Inhale arms back up overhead

5 Lower the arms back to the start position as you exhale

6 YOGA ADVENTURE 1 Hold the pose – squeeze the shoulder blades together and navel towards spine a little more. Keep the breath flowing smoothly for 5 or so breaths

7  YOGA ADVENTURE 2 If your wrists feel ok – take the fingers backwards and feel the effect on the upper arms

8 YOGA ADVENTURE 3 Test your balance by working this flowing arm movement while standing on one leg in Vrksasana (Tree pose)

9 MINI MEDITATION Imagine the sun beating down on you in a scorching desert

9 Release the pose – bring the arms down and then give yourself a hug to ease out the shoulders.

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