Cactus Pose – To improve Posture and strengthen the Back

Yoga teacher Deborah King demonstreates Catus arms in Horse Pose

Cactus Pose is an easy way to strengthen your back – you can do it at your desk when seated or using Tadasana (two leg standing), Vrksasana (single leg standing) balance or Horse Pose (squat) as I’m doing here.  Try it every day for a minute or two – should help to strengthen the spine and a strong back reduces the chance of getting back ache. Also – try the meditative version to settle the mind.

1 Pull the navel into spine to activate your core

2 Spread the fingers wide

3 Lift the arms to shoulder height with thumbs pointing up

4 Bend the elbows

5 Roll the shoulders back and down – feel the neck gaining length

6 CACTUS POSE ADVENTURE 1 (working harder) – pull the shoulder blades down and navel towards spine a little more

7  CACTUS POSE ADVENTURE 2 (harder still) If your wrists feel ok – take the fingers backwards and feel the effect on the upper arms

8 MINI MEDITATION Imagine the sun beating down on you in a scorching desert

9 Release the pose – bring the arms down and then give yourself a hug to ease out the shoulders.

If you suffer from back pain there are some movements you can do to alleviate it on the NHS website here. It’s best to practice yoga when you don’t have any back aches or pain.

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