Are you loving Autumn?

How do you feel about Autumn? ‘Nights drawing in?’ ‘The end of Summer?’ Rather than think of the negatives associated with autumn, concentrate on the fantastic changes that our new season brings. Think of ways to LOVE AUTUMN The wonderful colours of the leaves; the opportunity to say hello once more to our wooly jumpersContinue reading “Are you loving Autumn?”

Take a break – Yoga for Summer 2020

Treat your body and mind to a fun yoga course that takes off on holiday to a far flung destination. Yoga for summer 2020 is all about THE GREAT ESCAPE. Picture sandy coves, turquoise seas, cloudless blue skies, and wall to wall sunshine. In each weekly class, we will focus on things you may doContinue reading “Take a break – Yoga for Summer 2020”

Success for Yoga for a Good Nights’ Sleep

“Just to let you know that I did the Yoga for a Good night’s Sleep class last night and it was brilliant! I managed to stay awake and felt very chilled out afterwards. I never sleep for more than two hours at a time but got nearly six hours straight sleep last night, more thanContinue reading “Success for Yoga for a Good Nights’ Sleep”

Ujjayi Breath – a beginners guide

  Ujjayi Breath is a great practice for relaxation – calming for the mind and soothing for the body.  It is also great treatment for anxiety and insomnia. Please be patient with yourself when learning this practice as it’s not the easiest practice to do. Sit in a comfortable position, the spine erect and theContinue reading “Ujjayi Breath – a beginners guide”

The Benefits of a Pair of Yoga Toe Socks

Besides the obvious – THEY KEEP YOUR FEET WARM – yoga toe socks are very good for your feet. More specifically the ones with the awkward little individual toes and the sticky bumps on the bottom. This type of sock gives each toes their space and helps to correct all of those years of crushingContinue reading “The Benefits of a Pair of Yoga Toe Socks”

Warrior Works Wonders for Anti Ageing!

Yoga keeps the mind and body young, 22 clinical trials show (Reposting of Article Published Tuesday 4 June 2019 in Medical News Today) A review analysing the results of 22 randomized clinical trials has found that yoga practice can improve many aspects of physical and mental health among older adults. Yoga can be an effectiveContinue reading “Warrior Works Wonders for Anti Ageing!”