Enjoy a Day Trip to Norfolk

We are very lucky in this area to be close enough for a day trip to the coast. Norfolk is just 1 and a half hours away and since the lockdown has been eased I have been trying to get away once a week for a change of scenery.

I like to take this handy little guide which offers a wide variety of walks roughly taking 1 to 3 hours and of course in todays situation, a picnic lunch.

Though I have done several walks around and about the towns and villages, I often just walk down to the beach and keep on strollin’. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that. The sea air and wide, expansive skies never fail to invigorate.

Here is a lovely poem about the seashore that always takes me over to Norfolk.


White foam drifting, turquoise waves swaying gently
to the shore. Looking out to open endlessness. Feeling
insignificant and vulnerable, yet relaxed as the sand
between your toes massages away every pain.
Carelessness fills up your rosy body as heat heals
your bones. Dancing overcomes you as you spin alone
on the crest where sea and land embrace. Your mind
is finally blank in thought and peace settles throughout
the delicate shades of the bright blue horizon which
is reflected by the sun deep down into your soul.

Published by yogadeb

Yoga teacher in Stamford, UK, and online

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