Yoga in Exton – Mondays 10.30-12

Exton Village Hall with Socially Distanced Squares

Class Description – Gentle Yoga – Mondays 10.30 -12.00 – Exton Village Hall

Yoga on Mondays at Exton Village Hall is a class for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. The hall has a wooden floor and is warm and spacious. This is an ideal class for beginner students or those with some restrictions or injuries.

Yoga on Mondays – Exton – What to expect

It’s best to arrive 10 minutes before the class begins so that you can lay out your mat and get settled.

First of all we will have a few minutes of breath awareness or other quiet practice so that we can get focused.

We next move onto the physical exercises – moving at a fairly slow pace. This gives time for explanations and demonstrations. Students can use modifications wherever they need to. The emphasis is on building a safe practice and providing a foundation to strengthen and tone areas of the body where there may be problems.

This class is suitable for able students with no prior knowledge of yoga or less able experienced students.  A key part of yoga is to understand that the mind and body have to work together for good health. This is especially beneficial to people leading stressful lives, are self employed or with demanding jobs.

The yoga session continues with breathing exercises which develop a greater awareness of the subtle energy in the body. We round off the class with a meditation or relaxation exercise.

I always encourage students to do some yoga at home because regular yoga – ‘little and often’ – is the key to keeping the body and mind healthy.

Please contact me here if you’d like to join this class.


A tree that cannot bend will crack in the wind. Thus by Nature’s own decree, the soft and gentle are triumphant.

Lao Tzu (c.604-c.531), China
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