Do Yoga! with Deb

  • easy exercises to de-stress, keep fit and sleep better
  • classes within 10 minutes drive of Oakham, Uppingham and Stamford
  • friendly teaching in warm and peaceful environments

I offer a range of yoga classes suitable for beginner and advanced students around Rutland and Stamford. Have a look at my Timetable where you can find a regular weekly class to suit you. Please feel free to contact me for any help and advice about how yoga can help you.

Why choose a Do Yoga weekly class…?

  • quality teaching which is safe for you (I’m a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher)
  • carefully planned classes to develop your fitness and wellbeing
  • home practice support via informative blog posts, practice sheets + videos

All my venues are warm with wooden floors and easy parking.  Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner you are most welcome to join one of my friendly groups. I teach Hatha Yoga which consists of physical postures, breathing exercises and guided deep relaxations.

Yoga has transformed the lives of many – its unique combination of movement, breath awareness and relaxation help you to feel more at ease in your body and to sooth your mind. Whatever your age or fitness level, why not come along and see how it can help you?

For Inspirational Yoga Classes in Rutland and Stamford come to Do Yoga!

Questions? Simply send me an email and I will get back to you asap.

Find out more about how yoga works for people in Rutland and Stamford by looking through current students  TESTIMONIALS


What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice which combines asana (postures) with breath and mind focus. Yoga has many benefits including relaxing the body, calming the mind, toning muscles, developing strength, weight loss, improving posture and concentration. But most of all yoga promotes all round, well-being.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned practitioner, I offer yoga classes around Rutland and Stamford that restore, relax and balance your body and mind. Our asana strengthens the muscles, improves alignment of the skeleton and improves the way all the systems of the body work.  Breathing practices and relaxation techniques enable you to quiet the mind and de-stress.  With regular practice you’ll find the asana a joy and will enable you to focus on your body and improve the way it works.  One of the great secrets of yoga is that by improving how your body systems work on the inside, you will feel wonderful and radiate this on the outside.  You will look forward to your classes and it will become a pleasure to step onto your mat unlike most ‘exercise regimes’.

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