do yoga your way

Restore your body and mind with ‘do yoga!’

Classes in Stamford, Rutland and Online

Improve your flexibility, strength and posture

I offer a range of yoga classes around Stamford, Rutland and online. They are suitable for both beginners and experienced students. See my Weekly Class Timetable or why not check out the online videos and try yoga at home? As you can see, there is a way to practice yoga that suits everyone. Please feel free contact me for any help and advice about how to start yoga or how yoga may be able to help you.

Yoga is a unique combination of movement, breathing and relaxation exercises which start off very easy so everyone can do them. When practiced regularly, it helps to ease the body and sooth the mind. Practiced for over three thousand years, it’s roots are in ancient Ayurvedic philosophy however it is just as relevant to us today. Yoga has been developed over many years as a technique to improve our life through physical and mental wellbeing, so whatever your age or fitness level, anyone can benefit.

Why choose do-yoga! classes?

Yoga is an easy way to stay active, reduce stress and sleep better. My classes take place in warm and peaceful environments, no more than a ten minute drive from Stamford, Oakham or Uppingham.

Quality teaching that’s safe for you (British Wheel of Yoga Teacher with 10 years experience)

Carefully planned classes designed with individual class members in mind to develop their fitness and wellbeing

Supporting a home practice for students with an online classroom, a library of free resources, including articles, videos and audios.

If you have any questions please get in touch

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