A simple meditation to calm the mind

If you find yourself anxious or agitated try this simple meditation… SMILE as you breathe in LISTEN as you breathe out PAUSE for a second or two before beginning again This works to steady the mind and make you feel more relaxed. Here’s why – When you SMILE you stop using words and your brainContinue reading “A simple meditation to calm the mind”

So Hum Relaxation Audio

Here is a guided relaxation audio that’s just over 10 minutes long. Why not take 10 minutes out of your day just for yourself? This audio guides you to lay down in Semi Supine position or Shavasana but you can also do it sitting in a chair or meditation posture. In fact you could evenContinue reading “So Hum Relaxation Audio”

Positive Thinking: 7 Top Tips for Looking on the Bright Side

The power of Positive Thinking has been known for thousands of years. This quote and its many variants are attributed to Henry Ford the great industrialist and suggests that everything we do (or do not) is down to our mind set. “If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford PutContinue reading “Positive Thinking: 7 Top Tips for Looking on the Bright Side”

Ujjayi Breath – a beginners guide

  Ujjayi Breath is a great practice for relaxation – calming for the mind and soothing for the body.  It is also great treatment for anxiety and insomnia. Please be patient with yourself when learning this practice as it’s not the easiest practice to do. Sit in a comfortable position, the spine erect and theContinue reading “Ujjayi Breath – a beginners guide”

In Control or Out of Control?

Do you get anxious or angry when things don’t go just as you want them to? Do you feel you have to take charge of ‘everything’ or nothing would get done? Feelings such as these really do cloud our enjoyment of life. They are often termed as ‘control issues’. Sometimes the simplest things make youContinue reading “In Control or Out of Control?”

Every Smile Makes You A Day Younger

There’s nothing like a nice smile to set you on your way in the morning or off into a peaceful sleep at night. Why not try this short meditation which focuses on the feeling of a smile… Settle into a comfortable seated position. Relax any tension in your jaw, let the lips part and separateContinue reading “Every Smile Makes You A Day Younger”

Holiday Reading

I know it’s usual to read a trashy novel while you are on your holibobs… But maybe this year try something new? Why not settle down to a bit of yoga reading? You never know you might find it motivates you to do a bit of summer yoga.   My trusty yoga bible – ifContinue reading “Holiday Reading”