What are the Chakras?

Chakras are energy centers… ancient yogis developed a concept of energy pathways running all around the body – rather than our energy just radomly ‘fuzzing’ about inside us.  This is similar to the system of meridians used in Chinese medicine, reflexology and acupuncture. One of the main energy pathways (nadis) is along the spine.  WhereContinue reading “What are the Chakras?”

A Pilgrimage of Leicester Temples

On Snday 25th March there will be a Tirth Yatra (Pilgramage) of Leicester’s Hindu Temples. Why not join in this Yatra to celebrate the 20th year of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies and the 10th year of the Leicester Friends group on the auspicious day of Ram Navami?  This is a Sponsored Walk visitingContinue reading “A Pilgrimage of Leicester Temples”

Seeing yourself through the lens of the Gunas

We all know and love the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. Just as some porridge is too salty, some is too sweet and some is just right… we can learn to balance out our energy with the use of an ancient philosophy devised by yogis thousands of years ago. According to these ancientContinue reading “Seeing yourself through the lens of the Gunas”

How to Begin at Yoga

Yoga is the ability to direct and focus mental activity. This is the 2nd verse from chapter 1 of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra – the insight below is by Michelle Corrigan from her book ‘Your Quest for a Spiritual Life’. I feel that it is an updated view of what Patanjali was trying to communicate toContinue reading “How to Begin at Yoga”


“Start doing yoga from where you are now. Not from where you were yesterday, not tomorrow, not next week. Start from the present. HERE  begins the teachings of yoga with the right intent at the right time… NOW.  If you seek a class teacher (which is advisable), find a teacher who you feel comfortable with,Continue reading “HOW TO BEGIN AT YOGA”

A Pilgrimage of Leicester Temples

On Saturday 12th March the Friends of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies will be organising a Sponsored Walk  visiting the beautiful temples of Leicester ending at Gandhiji’s memorial statue. Why not join this special day as the ‘Tirath Yatra’ (pilgramage) coincides with Gandhiji’s Dandi March (also known as the Salt March) whilst that wasContinue reading “A Pilgrimage of Leicester Temples”

Yoga – what do you see in your reflection?

You may come to yoga classes to build fitness, strength and flexibility; which of course you will over time; however, through these practices, right from the off, we are engaging in the act of Swadhyaya.  We flow through postures using breath and movement, building concentration… we scan the body, we bring our awareness to ourContinue reading “Yoga – what do you see in your reflection?”

Let Your Light Shine!

When we greet with Namaste!  We are greeting the light within the person or people we see.  It is not their physical shape, attitude or energy of the body but the light within. You can think of this as a persons soul or spirit. Yogis consider a person or being to be made of severalContinue reading “Let Your Light Shine!”