Opening Your Heart

Our work in the yoga classes this year will be based upon looking after our hearts.  The work this term involves physical postures to open the chest and strengthen the back – by doing this we are creating more space for the heart to do its’ job.  Often, as a result of sitting for prolongedContinue reading “Opening Your Heart”

Yoga Fit – June 17

For this whole year we have been concentrating on our ‘core’ – the muscles of the centre of our body which act like a corset at the front, sides and back. This is a large collection of muscles on the surface and deep inside the body. They help us to keep mobile and have aContinue reading “Yoga Fit – June 17”

New Hobbies Improve Your Memory

An interesting piece of research undertaken by Dr Denise Park, neuroscientist in Texas University shows that learning something fairly challenging as a hobby – digital photography for instance – caused overall improvement of memory with long lasting effects. It is said to work by strengthening the connections between the parts of our brains – keepingContinue reading “New Hobbies Improve Your Memory”

Yoga – what do you see in your reflection?

You may come to yoga classes to build fitness, strength and flexibility; which of course you will over time; however, through these practices, right from the off, we are engaging in the act of Swadhyaya.  We flow through postures using breath and movement, building concentration… we scan the body, we bring our awareness to ourContinue reading “Yoga – what do you see in your reflection?”

Yoga Fit November 15 Term

‘Fit Feet’ will be the theme of the Yoga Fit classes this half term. Using postures that involve working and balancing on the balls of the feet. The flow will be a simplification of the ‘Dance of Isis’ which is a series of postures that help to strengthen the legs, help the feet to beContinue reading “Yoga Fit November 15 Term”

Running to Make a Difference…

Growth, doubt and a journey, is how this all started back in January 2015 when I thought I might like to run a half marathon, so I entered the Perkins Great Eastern, in for a penny in for a pound, let’s do the Rutland one, why not? Then doubt called, what have you done? ProfessionalContinue reading “Running to Make a Difference…”


In today’s world of convenience and speed we can lose out on using our hands, fingers, arms and shoulders. By adding simple tasks into our daily routine we are not only preserving the mobility of many joints and muscles but are also slowing down the pace of information into our brains to ‘take a momentContinue reading “YOGA FOR YOUR HANDS AND STOMACH”

New Yoga Classes From September 2015

From September 7th I will be adding in 3 new classes to the schedule – 2 on Monday evenings at Tinwell Village Hall.  From 6 – 7 I’ll be introducing a brand new style of class “YOGA FIT” which will consist of learning a range of postures and then linking them into a vinyasa flowContinue reading “New Yoga Classes From September 2015”

New Year – Time to Start Something…

Have you always wanted to try yoga but have been putting it off due to time pressures or other commitments in your life? Well there has never been a better time to put those obstacles to one side and get going with yoga… The New Year is a great time for turning over a newContinue reading “New Year – Time to Start Something…”

5 Anti-Aging Postures

ROLL OUT YOUR MAT ANY TIME FOR A SHORT DAILY PRACTICE TO ENHANCE YOUR VITALITY AND KEEP YOUR SPINE YOUNG! (Remember – always practice within your capability – people with lower back problems or high blood pressure should take extra care and I advise working with an experienced yoga teacher so they don’t worsen theContinue reading “5 Anti-Aging Postures”