What are the Chakras?


Chakras are talked about a lot in yoga – but what exactly are they? The simple answer is energy centers. The ancient yogis developed the concept of many energy pathways called ‘nadis’ criss-crossing all around the body. In a similar way to our veins or nerves, however they are not visible. The energy that runs through these pathways is called ‘Prana’. Chinese medicine, acupuncture and reflexology have the same sort of system.

One of the main energy pathways runs along the spine and is called ‘Sushumna’.  Where pathways cross the spine, the energy is said to become concentrated and move in a circular motion. This is why they are called ‘Chakras’. Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit.

You can learn more about the Chakras in this guided relaxation audio.

A guided relaxation introducing the Chakras

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