Are you at a lockdown loose end?

Here are 3 YouTube videos I can recommend to listen to for your interest and wellbeing at this difficult time. Sw Niranjanananda Saraswati of the Bihar School of Yoga has laid out a suggestion of how everyone can use their time in lockdown to try a yogic lifestyle. Getting fitter, chanting and learning new cookingContinue reading “Are you at a lockdown loose end?”

Don’t let negativity drain your energy!

With such misery in the news all around us it’s easy to be down in the mouth, frustrated and moany. Not only does this make us difficult company, but it depletes our prana (life force or energy). Try your best to look on the bright side and accept that life has its ups and downsContinue reading “Don’t let negativity drain your energy!”

The Mighty Breath

First of all the twinkling stars vibrated, but remained motionless in space, then all the celestial globes were united into one series of movements… Firmament and planets both disappeared, but the mighty breath which gives life to all things and in which all is bound up remained. Vincent Van Gogh Our prana (life force) willContinue reading “The Mighty Breath”

Let’s Get A Move On

Moderate cardiovascular exercise such as walking, flowing yoga or dancing is proven to prime our immune systems. Just 30 minutes a day of movement that increases your heart rate has been shown to reduce the risk of catching a cold – so even though the temperatures have dropped don’t miss out, GET A MOVE ON.Continue reading “Let’s Get A Move On”

A thought for Black Friday

I’ve been really enjoying “A year with Rumi” – a poetry book brim-full of beautiful words. There are many of the well-known works in it and plenty of new ones (to me anyway). Here is the one from August 1st which struck a chord with me on the consumerism and selfishness that our society seemsContinue reading “A thought for Black Friday”

Have strength and courage to stand still

It’s not often these days that we have the opportunity to stand still. So many thoughts overwhelm us – guilt that we ‘should’ be doing something all the time. ‘Multi tasking’ even – doing two or three things at the same time. Being addicted to activity is just like any other addiction; the more weContinue reading “Have strength and courage to stand still”

Vajrasana – Thunderbolt Pose

Sit in a kneeling position with the heals rolling outwards and your bottom in the hollow of your feet. Place the hands on the knees, soften the gaze and breath gently through the nose. Vajrasana is useful to stretch out the tops of the feet. There are many benefits gained in the pelvis and pelvicContinue reading “Vajrasana – Thunderbolt Pose”