Our “Road Map” for returning to in-person yoga classes

Are you itching to get back to an in-person class? Feel the need for connection and motivation from group practice? IT’S COMING SOON. The key date for our return to in-person classes is indicated as 17th May. This is when people will be able to mix indoors with social distancing (eg pubs & restaurants). FromContinue reading “Our “Road Map” for returning to in-person yoga classes”

How to balance energy in Anahata – the heart space

Compassion is the emotion related to Anahata chakra – the energy centre in the heart space. When the energy is blocked in this area, we may feel a host of negative emotions such as anger, selfishness, jealousy, or confusion. Acceptance of these emotions is the first step to letting them go however, when we realiseContinue reading “How to balance energy in Anahata – the heart space”

Home is Where the Heart is

Fill your home with joy and beauty – for home is where the heart is. Each of us has a basic need to feel secure – your home is that security blanket! Surround yourself with objects, colours, textures and pets that lift up your spirits and bring you joy. Yes! Fill every nook and crannyContinue reading “Home is Where the Heart is”

Are you at a lockdown loose end?

Here are 3 YouTube videos I can recommend to listen to for your interest and wellbeing at this difficult time. Sw Niranjanananda Saraswati of the Bihar School of Yoga has laid out a suggestion of how everyone can use their time in lockdown to try a yogic lifestyle. Getting fitter, chanting and learning new cookingContinue reading “Are you at a lockdown loose end?”

Don’t let negativity drain your energy!

With such misery in the news all around us it’s easy to be down in the mouth, frustrated and moany. Not only does this make us difficult company, but it depletes our prana (life force or energy). Try your best to look on the bright side and accept that life has its ups and downsContinue reading “Don’t let negativity drain your energy!”