Are you loving Autumn?

How do you feel about Autumn? ‘Nights drawing in?’ ‘The end of Summer?’ Rather than think of the negatives associated with autumn, concentrate on the fantastic changes that our new season brings. Think of ways to LOVE AUTUMN The wonderful colours of the leaves; the opportunity to say hello once more to our wooly jumpers and hats; curling up by a warm radiator with a good book.

Taking long walks through the autumnal countryside is another way to celebrate the season. Why not collect some conkers and pinecones and let your creativity loose? Conkers are especially good for keeping spiders out of your house at this time of year. I made these pretty ornaments by using hot melt glue onto some bought wicker heart shapes. Bowls or vases filled with conkers look fabulous too. They are a great way to take advantage of this time of year and lift the spirits.

Autumn has inspired many poets to put pen to paper. One of my favourites is by John Clare (born locally in Helpston – you can/could visit his house – very interesting) – here’s the first verse of the aptly titled ‘Autumn’.

I love the fitfull gusts that shakes

 The casement all the day

And from the mossy elm tree takes

 The faded leaf away

Twirling it by the window-pane

With thousand others down the lane

John Clare

You can read the rest of this poem and several others all about the season here

You can find a wonderful meditation of my own on Autumn Leaves in this post here not exactly poetry but lovely non the less!

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