Janu Sirsasana – learn the benefits

Last term we worked on grounding postures including ones which had lots of earth contact and ones that worked especially in the pelvis area. Hopefully this work gave an experience of feeling supported, having strong ground beneath us and good foundations on which to build both stable postures and a stable life. In the lastContinue reading “Janu Sirsasana – learn the benefits”

Stretch & Relax Yoga – November 15 Term

This term our theme of ‘FREEDOM’ will shift from the hips up to the spine. We’ll be working with a number of asana (postures) to free up the different areas of the spine and learning/feeling the difference this can make to how we feel and live our lives. One of our main postures will beContinue reading “Stretch & Relax Yoga – November 15 Term”

Perfect Your Posture… Bhujangasana (cobra pose)

Step by Step Instructions for Bhujangasana (cobra pose) Lie on the front of the body, legs straight and soles of feet upwards and forehead or nose on the mat. Place the palms of the hands (fingers together) on the mat, keeping the upper arms in contact with the sides of the body and the elbowsContinue reading “Perfect Your Posture… Bhujangasana (cobra pose)”

5 Anti-Aging Postures

ROLL OUT YOUR MAT ANY TIME FOR A SHORT DAILY PRACTICE TO ENHANCE YOUR VITALITY AND KEEP YOUR SPINE YOUNG! (Remember – always practice within your capability – people with lower back problems or high blood pressure should take extra care and I advise working with an experienced yoga teacher so they don’t worsen theContinue reading “5 Anti-Aging Postures”

Vipareeta Karani Asana (Legs up the Wall Variation)

Legs-up-the-Wall posture is an excellent way to gently introduce your body to the benefits of the shoulder stand. These are numerous, but include improved circulation and alleviation of nervous exhaustion. It’s a great pose to rejuvenate a tired body and unsettled mind – great for stress management.  You can hold it for up to 5Continue reading “Vipareeta Karani Asana (Legs up the Wall Variation)”

A Moment of Meditation

Give me gentle waves of breath to sooth my beating heart Let my ears have the patience to listen Let my eyes have softness to accept Let my mouth have words of encouragement Let my hands and heart be open Breathing in, I live in this very moment Breathing out, I know this is theContinue reading “A Moment of Meditation”


Why not practice a little yoga at home?  This asana makes a great morning wake up exercise. Come onto the floor on all 4s. Ensure you support your hips by having the knees slightly apart and the thighs vertical.  Support the shoulders in a similar way by placing the hands underneath or very slightly inContinue reading “Marjari-asana”