A 5 Minute Pause

Yoga Teacher Deborah King demonstrates Shashankasana

Taking a pause for a few moments in Child’s Pose – Shashankasana – can help to release tension in the back and neck and quiet the mind. It’s a bit like being a tortoise, withdrawing into your shell.  

To take this simple, relaxing posture, use any props you need to – a blanket under shins, a cushion on top of the heals and a soft block to support forehead are all great additions. The arms can be ahead – as in the demonstration or down by the sides of the body. Ensure that you are comfortable and able to breathe. Focus on the breath and try sending it into the back of the body – to the left and right of your spine and down into the hips.

Consider memorising your favourite poem to repeat to yourself while you are in your ‘cave’.  You could try this…

“This quietness dissolves the burden of all woes, for when there is stillness in your heart, wisdom will also have found its peace.”

Bhgavad Gita


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