Discover Mantra For Yourself This Summer

A “mantra” is a sacred utterance, a sound, a syllable, or group of words often in Sanskrit believed by practitioners to have psychological and spiritual powers.  Your chosen mantra is repeated over and over to aid in single pointed focus of the mind (and can help with meditation).  The concept of mantra is that the vibrations of your ‘message’ go out into the world and into your body to create an effect, like a butterfly flapping it’s wings or you blowing a candle out. These messages can travel far and wide and work both on a practical/individual basis (I want to heal my/your broken leg) and on a collective basis (I wish my kids/those countries would stop fighting each other).

Why not discover mantra for yourself this summer?

You can try a variety of types to see what feels right for you – try out these suggestions –

Om is a favourite always…

The Gayatri is fantastic and uplifting when you are in a bit of a dull frame of mind…

Om mani padme hum is an ancient Tibetan mantra…

If you are looking for specific help with something in your life then you can try Healing Mantras by Thomas Ashley-Ferrand which is a fascinating book on the topic.


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