Nurture yourself to Keep Healthy…

In these trying times it’s very easy to be short tempered with our housemates. It’s very easy to sit for hours on end binging on a Netflix serial. It’s also very easy to keep on pouring the wine/gin/beer.

Try your very best to resist. Taking half an hour out for deep relaxation will make all the difference. You can find sound tracks to suit your mood on Spotify or YouTube. Classical music, guided relaxations or sounds of nature all work really well.

I’m sure you will be surprised at how effective this deep relaxation is. Not only for you own state of mind but how you treat your loved ones around you.

I know that it’s hard to stay awake during these deep relaxations! But you should try to… when we truly relax the body and mind for 15 minutes or so we have a chance to really nurture ourselves. The ancient yogis said that this type of ‘stilling’ the body and mind is equivalent to 4 hour sleep. I’m not so sure about that, but I do feel that during the relaxation exercises we are teaching our body to be still (when it is otherwise still?) and our minds to stay focused on just one thing and allowing all thoughts to drop away into the background. If we just give in and go to sleep – well it’s good to get a little nap – but that is all it is. It can also be a bit disorientating to wake up in the middle of the day and can make you feel woozy.

When we have trained ourselves to remain alert during relaxation we can move on to the practice of Yoga Nidra – in this state – where the mind is between being awake and asleep – we are very receptive to ideas and this is where a ‘Sankalpa’ is used. A Sankalpa is a resolution for change – after we find our resolve, we repeat it during the practice and rather like sowing a seed into the soil, this resolve is placed deep within us. Unfortunately I had to postpone last weeks Yoga Retreat on this theme, but I will reschedule it as soon as we are the right way round again.

I have recorded a couple of relaxations that we have used in our classes. You may feel more comfortable working with the sound of my voice. Please feel free to try them out and other types as mentioned above.

Daffodil Relaxation for Springtime Nurturing
So Hum Relaxation

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