A chance to relax in this crazy time…

I was really pleased when Deb said she would be running the yoga sessions on line, as life is so odd at the moment it was good to have one regular commitment. As the time drew nearer I did wonder though if I would actually lie on the floor in my lounge covered in a blanket for 20 minutes – but I did! I asked my son to help me set up the telly first, we have Apple tv it was very easy, I am sure there are other ways or you could watch/listen on your phone or computer. I put out my blocks, mat and blanket as usual, moved the furniture, changed into my yoga gear on and tuned in.  The lesson was great, comfortingly it followed exactly the same format as usual, with some additional health and safety advice about low ceilings. I found it very easy to follow, and gradually started to relax and stop thinking about other things as the time went on. A very stiff neck and shoulder caused by a combination of stress and fence painting slowly eased off. It is great that the lesson is now available to watch again, I will definitely do parts of it through the week, and look forward to next Wednesday. I do have a confession though Deb – I fell asleep in the relaxation –  luckily no one could hear me snoring! Thanks again.- 

Yoga Student in Ryhall

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