Weekly Classes 2018/19                                                                See Full Term Dates Here

Timtable 2019


For class description see below –  email here to book


These classes are ideal for beginners or those with health minor concerns. They are suitable for all levels of fitness; men and women over 18.  No previous experience of yoga is necessary as postures and practices are demonstrated and thoroughly explained.  There is scope for plenty of extension work for those more able.  We warm up all parts of the body and work on stretching and strength asana (postures) – sometimes flowing and sometimes static.  In this class you will learn about your own body, strengthening weak areas and releasing stiff joints. We work on breathing exercises (pranayama) and end with a 15 minute relaxation session dissolving stress and anxiety.


These classes are suitable for all levels of fitness.  Some previous experience of yoga is highly beneficial to get the most from the class as it moves at a faster pace than the Stretch & Relax class.  Ideally the foundations are put in place in the 1 hour class and students move to the longer class when appropriate.  This enables a thorough understanding of yoga practice and to develop the strength and flexibility of your own body. This is a traditional 90 minute yoga class and includes asana work with the emphasis on physical and mental equilibrium.  We incorporate pranayama for relaxation and to develop concentration where we sit still for short periods of time. The practice of mudra (energy seals), bandha (energy locks), mantra (repetition of words) and chanting are sometimes included.  We end the class with a guided relaxation or meditation.



(on the A6003, half way between Oakham & Uppingham) get directions


(five minutes from Stamford) get directions


(five minutes from Stamford)

All venues are warm with wooden floors and plenty of car parking.

All classes are planned in detail beforehand; I work to themes for each academic year with each term building a picture around the theme and each class building knowledge and understanding as the weeks and terms go on. In this way students develop thorough understanding of themselves, their bodies and of the yoga tradition. Individual assistance is offered where appropriate and homework/reading on topics covered is encouraged. This produces competent students who are able to develop their own personal practice and yogic lifestyle as they see fit. I also foster a supportive, community spirit with annual charity events, outings and get- togethers. Due to the nature of my classes, I don’t offer ‘drop ins’, but, where space allows you are welcome to trial a class.

Please book by email beforehand as places are limited and arrive 10 minutes early to settle in. You will need to bring a mat, blocks and blanket.  Please allow extra time before your first class to find the hall and fill out a health questionnaire form.

Please read through the pages “Basic information you need before starting a yoga practice” and “What to wear to a yoga class”

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  1. Natalie

     /  December 19, 2018

    Could you tell me if any of your classes are considered to be restorative yoga?? or would you know any that are local to stamford?
    Many thanks,
    Natalie x

    • Sorry for the late reply Natalie, in case you haven’t found a class I would suggest my Stretch & Relax yoga. These are on Monday 6 – 7 at Tinwell Village Hall and Tuesday 8 – 9 at Preston Village Hall.

      Let me know and I can see if I have a space for you. Deb


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