Earth Mudra Meditation

A do yoga! video to re-energise and feel grounded

Here is a helpful video that gives some top tips on sitting comfortably when you do meditation. After which I guide you through a 5 minute meditation with the Earth Mudra.

You will probably need a sturdy cushion, yoga blocks or a rolled up towel to sit for meditation. Every ‘body’ is different so try the different seated postures for yourself. In my experience the majority of people need some kind of ‘lift’ under their bottom to sit in a cross legged position for 5 minutes comfortably.

And comfort is the main thing – if you are not comfortable you will not be able to concentrate and therefore get close to meditation. To be able to focus the mind on one thing for a few moments is very relaxing and creates a calmness of thought, feelings and body.

Gently link the thumb tip and the ring finger of each hand

In this simple meditation we use the Earth Mudra – a hand position or seal to redirect the energy back to specific areas within us. The mind is then brought to a balanced state with smooth breathing and a directed focus of thoughts.

You can try other meditations on my website such as this one on the root chakra Mooladhara or you can try focusing on a particular object that you like. We use a variety of meditation styles in our classes so that students get exposure to a wide range of exercises – not all suit everybody so it’s good to try out different things.

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