Mooladhara Chakra Explanation & Meditation

What is Mooladhara Chakra?

Mooladhara Chakra is the lowest of a series of 7 energy centres that run vertically through the human body down the spinal chord. In Yoga and traditional Indian medicine the body is believed to have channels of energy which, if blocked, will cause illness and disease. These channels are called Nadis, and according to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika there are 172,000 Nadis running around our bodies. The purpose of Yoga postures and breathing practices is to unblock the channels so that our energy flows freely.

Similar energy channels or pathway structures can be found in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Accupunture and reflexology.

The most important of these pathways is Sushumna which runs down the spinal chord. When other channels cross over Sushumna there is an increase in energetic activity and this creates a wheel or Chakra (the Sanskrit term).

The physical position of Mooladhara Chakra is thought to be in the centre of the pelvic floor, although this differs depending on yogic tradition, and could potentially differ from person to person. One great exercise for connecting to Mooladhara (sometimes called the Root Chakra) is Moolabanda, where you draw up the pelvic floor (you can read more about how to practice Moolabanda here).

The element that relates to this Chakra is the Earth. If this energy within us is out of balance then we can feel unsettled and insecure. This is the Chakra that need the basics to be covered – shelter, food, warmth, rest – and when they are in short supply this energy is depleted.

It’s important to have the basics covered, to feel secure and that you have somewhere to relax and be yourself; in this way you’ll be able to keep Mooladhara balanced and happy.

A Meditation on Mooladhara

Sit comfortably, relax the legs and feel your connection to the floor.

Be still, feel the weight of the body sinking down.

Feel the pelvic floor and imagine that there is a glowing red ball of light there.

Stay with this for some time.

Now move your awareness to the ground you are sitting on and imagine you are sitting upon a yellow square.

Stay with this for some time

Leave the yellow square and think of all the things that the Earth gives to you for free – fresh air, lakes, mountains, home grown vegetables, trees, grass, hedgerow plants and berries. Give thanks for all these things and pledge to visit one today.

For more work on Mooladhara Chakra you can visit this site

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