Live Stream Yoga Classes get the thumbs up!

Last week I did all of my classes via Live Stream on Facebook. This transported me into the homes of over 50 students. It was pure magic.

First you need to know that before this I did not ‘do’ Facebook. This website has a link to the Facebook site which posts all of my posts on a ‘Do Yoga’ page. This was all set up about 10 years ago and I have long since lost the password to the Facebook page and so have avoided it out of embarrassment of what I might find there.

Crisis make you face your fears. Well that and a helping hand from a ‘Digital Native’ in the form of my daughter. Fortunately for me she is at home. Unfortunately for her – rounding off 3 years of sweat, blood and tears of a textile degree with nothing but my old sewing machine and an embroidery needle. Not quite what she had hoped for her final major project.

Here we are – in happier times…

My second piece of good fortune is that I did decide last year to up my game on your home practice and do some video work on YouTube. This meant that I have some equipment – lighting to be precise – as without this online stuff can look extrememly dark.

My office is not an ideal place to do yoga as it is far from the calm, serenity that I create in our village halls. But it does have a soft carpet and my knees have appreciated that.

Behind the scenes…

Here is a ‘behind the scenes’ picture for you to see what I mean. Hopefully that didn’t show too much in my voice or face. I did smirk occasionally when I thought about what I was trying to put over from such a messy room…

It’s Yoga Jim, but not as we know it!

If you would like to join in a Live Stream class please get in touch.You can take a look at this post which gives ideas about how to set up a yoga space in your own home. If you are not on Facebook, it is really easy to set up. You could start practicing by having a look at my YouTube videos.

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One thought on “Live Stream Yoga Classes get the thumbs up!

  1. Thanks Debbie,
    For an entertaining read that captures the current cycle of change and adaptation. Your students are very lucky to have some continuity and appreciate your efforts to provide this much needed support.
    Love and best wishes xx

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