Silencing the Buzz

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Background ‘noise’ in the form of anxiety is often a constant companion…  We may have become so used to worrying that we don’t even notice it.  Try this visualisation to help you identify the hum and temporarily rid your mind of the noise…

1 Sit comfortably and close your eyes.  Imagine that you are walking down a path in a serene forest.  Soon, you come across a clearing.  Walk slowly to the centre of the glade and sit down.

2 As if from nowhere, animals surround you. They mean you no harm, but each represents a concern.  The larger the animal, the greater your anxiety.  For example, a fleet-footed gazelle may represent a work deadline, a roaring lion, a screaming child.

3 In one part of the glade is a beehive.  Bees swarm near by, making the  hum of free-floating worry.

4 Gently, touch each of the animals.  As you do so, they quieten and disappear into the forest.  The only sound left is the buzz of the bees.

5 Imagine, now, all your tiny worries one by one entering the hive, until the glade is silent.  Your worries are still, all your concerns will be dealt with another day.  All round you now is peace.

Adapted from a most fantastic book – Learn to Relax by Mike George.  Thank you Mike for such a wonderful book, which I’m sure has given some peace to loads of people like me.

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