Lost Your Yoga Mojo?

Don’t worry, we all ebb and flow with our commitment to practice. The main thing is to get back to it as soon as you are able. Yoga is most advantageous when you do it little and often – 15 -20 minutes daily is ideal. Everyone has to suspend their practice from time to time – life has a habit of getting the way!! Instead of beating yourself up why not try some of the following tips…

1 Develop a 1 minute mindfulness moment (1MMM)

Each day take just 1 minute to be in the moment – enjoy looking at a flower, really tasting your coffee or whatever it is that will hold your attention. The key is to be totally absorbed in something for 1 minute – keep your focus and do it every day. You’ll soon be over staying the minute and wanting to do it more often.

2 Create an invitation to practice

Put your mat out the night before you go to bed, with your blocks, flowers, candles etc ready – so that when you get up in the morning your practice is waiting for you! Even 5 minutes just sitting or lying will give you amazing benefits. Odds are, if you do that for a few days you’ll soon be moving into a few postures and build up to 15 minutes a day.

3 If you are not practicing in a class, then join one!!

People are much more likely to cultivate their own yoga practice if they have some input from a teacher – that can be in person or online. Practice the elements of the class that you feel you get the most benefit from. In time you’ll mold your practice to the things you need most intuitively – the benefits of joining a group and being with like minded people have always been encouraged by the ancient texts.

4 Do it with a friend

If you have a friend who wants to try yoga why not teach them the bits that you know? After a while you may feel like joining a class and there is evidence to show that attending classes with someone else not only means that you go more often but that it is more beneficial too!

5 Start at a natural punctuation point in your life

Making any change is much easier to establish if you do it when there is a natural pause – could be when you come back from a holiday or following some kind of change in your life.  As you will be settling into a new routine, picking up your yoga practice won’t feel like an additional thing you have to do.

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