How to do the Tree Pose

Take your time and focus the gaze on a spot ahead.

The Tree Pose looks simple but takes strength in the supporting leg and flexibility in the bent leg/hip. (That’s not to mention the concentration).

Try first off, balancing next to a wall so that you can place one hand on the wall for support – follow all the same directions for the Tree Pose but you will have one hand on the wall to steady you.

Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

Start off in Tadasana with the feet parallel and about 20cm apart.

Warm up your feet and ankles by alternately peddling the feet 5 or 6 times.

Next take the weight down through one foot and then turn out the other knee pivoting on the big toe. You can keep the big toe on the floor and bring the foot to rest against the standing ankle, I recommend this if you haven’t done Tree Pose before. As you progress, pick up the foot and press it into the calf muscle and eventually coming in to the full posture with the sole pressing into the thigh.

Don’t and I repeat DON’T push your foot against your knee joint or this could cause an injury.

Focus the gaze on a spot ahead of you.

Try to hold the pose for 3 breaths at first – then change over and do the other side. Work up to holding for 6 breaths. Take your time and breathe deeply.

For the best benefit work 3 times on each side – you could work through all 3 foot positions, progressing to the full position.

For information about the benefits of this pose see

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